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Audi - 2007 TV Advertisement - Spain

Armed iron rod car in the center of its rims, plays the xylophone with on glass bottles placed on the road.

Crunch - TV Advertisement - France (2001)

City where people have both big rabbit teeth that go beyond their mouths. Two big men are putting crunch bar belt. Put on their coat. Say goodbye to MOM. Arrives in the bank. Announces Bhold-up where else will blow the crunch. Giant Vault opens. The two brothers, marveled at the world reserve of carrots. Happy, banging belly to belly. Bar Chocolates is collide. Category : Confectionery and chocolate  Agency : Lowe Lintas & Partners

Hitradio - TV Advertisement - Austria (2001)

A kid is sitting in the dentist's chair. The Doctor is absent for a moment and the child approaches a glass of his teeth to observe his braces. When he opens his mouth, he hears music as if he is capturing a radio... Category : Radio Agency : Barci & Partner / Young & Rubicam

Ikea-2006 TV Advertisement - Russia

Parody of televangelist who swapped his Bible against an IKEA catalog and made the Retape for the furniture in front of a conquered audience. He manages to put an insomniac woman to sleep thanks to an Ikea bed. The faithful crowd gets ecstatic and applauds.

Helsingin Sanomat Newspaper TV Advertisement

Helsingin Sanomat Newspaper TV Advertisement Helsingin Sanomat, abbreviated HS and colloquially known as Hesari, is the largest subscription newspaper in Finland and the Nordic countries, owned by Sanoma. Except after certain holidays, it is published daily. Its name derives from that of the Finnish capital, Helsinki, where it is published.


DIM DIAM`s PANTYHOSE TV Advertisement Bull Fighter Wearing DIAM`s Pantyhose

Mini-2005 TV Advertisement - Italy

A couple asks their way to a guy stopped at a red light. The explanations are more than complete. At the green light, the guy who drives a Mini restarts leaving the couple on the spot. Lets Mini!