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Ikea - TV Advertisement -

Sitting in a couch next to a chimney, a bourgeois woman explains that she created the Jetsetsociety committee to fight the Democratic design practised by IKEA. She continues her speech in voiceover as we present images of the demonstrations she makes in front of stores. She explains that luxury cannot be democratized, otherwise it would be anarchy. Category : Landscaping the House

Protection santé - TV Advertisement - Germany (2001)

When she wakes up, Nana recalls her night. Meet a guy she's sleeping with. She would like to be able to go back and impose a condom on her. Category : Major causes Agency : Baumgarten

Labatt - TV Advertisement - Canada (2001)

A group of dudes looks at the Stanley Cup, one of them imagines himself with a pair of breasts, he runs by stirring his chest. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : McCann Erickson Worldwide

Ikea - TV Advertisement -

Sitting in a couch next to a chimney, a bourgeois woman explains that she created the Jetsetsociety committee to fight the Democratic design practised by IKEA. She continues her voice-over speech while presenting images of the demonstrations she makes in front of Ikea stores for price reduction. Logo. Category : Landscaping the House

Pretty polly - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1990)

Sailor on his boat, (his) wife arrives late and launches her pantyhose with her jewels on the deck of the boat. Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Porsche - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

Little girl always misses her school bus in the morning so that her father will drive her to school in her beautiful car: a Porsche.With Kristen Stewart Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Carmichael Lynch

Northwest airlines - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

Subjective camera. A man arrives running at the airport repeating himself "as long as the aircraft is late" (Coue method), he arrives at the door and sees that the plane has already landed, he starts running again repeating "as long as the florist is still open". CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Transport Agency : Carmichael Lynch

Ikea - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

A woman watches with envy from her window The interior design of the house of her neighbors... Her husband tells her that to be as organized, they must be damn stuck... at the same time the couple appears in his living room... The wife is suing her husband With a hand-held whip... then scroll to the image of Ikea-signed furniture. Category : Landscaping the House Agency : Carmichael Lynch

Protection enfance - TV Advertisement - Canada (2001)

Image of a little boy who has a nose that stretches like Pinocchio. VoiceOver explains that Guillaume says he fell by bike but in reality he was abused by his parents. Children tend to lie to protect children. Category : Major causes Agency : Marketel / McCann Erickson

Nascar - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

Family famous wedding anniversary of an old couple. The old man/old makes speeches for his wife then asks that we open the champagne. Other guy takes bottle, opens, empties the bottle by watering everyone.CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Sport Agency : Young & Rubicam

SorBits - TV Advertisement - Denmark (2001)

Day after party. Dude fell asleep in his couch. The flies vanish because of his breath. Humor. Category : Confectionery and chocolate Agency : Euro RSCG

Coca-Cola - TV Advertisement - United States (2002)

A young black woman leaves her boyfriend, ripping their picture, for a stronger/muscular guy, carrying with her all the cans of coca except one. The desperate opens it and finds that it has earned 1 million million. Bursts with joy, pretends to cry when her ex comes home. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages

Halls - TV Advertisement - Spain (2001)

Guy in airplane sleeps and falls asleep on the passenger next to him. This one coughs politely in the hope of awakening its neighbor. Neighbor stays on the guy's lap but he gives her throat lozenges. Humor. Category : Health Agency : J Walter Thompson

Petit bateau - TV Advertisement - France (1992)

Children on a Norman beach (or on a boat deck?) Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : Ideodis

Atlanta Ballet - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

Two guys pretend to fight like Kung Fu Masters. Humor. Category : Shows, event Agency : Sawyer Riley Compton

Collective du sucre - TV Advertisement - France (1992)

In a tea room, a customer wants to put a piece of sugar in her cup of tea, but the latter gets the trunk, hides, escapes her but eventually catches up with him. Category : Food Agency : Bsb

Collective du sucre - TV Advertisement - France (1992)

A young woman wakes up, grabs a tray to have breakfast. She catches a piece of sugar, undresses him. The latter rebel and lifted up the bed to the ceiling. Category : Food Agency : Bsb

Collective du sucre - TV Advertisement - France (1992)

In a bar, a loubard/a hard guy wants to have a coffee, but he terrorized a piece of sugar that fled to hide. Fortunately with soft words, he manages to bring back the sugar in his cup. Category : Food Agency : Bsb

Szerencsejatek RT - TV Advertisement - Hungary (2001)

Super handsome delivery guy arrives in a company. All the chicks look at him. Dude's headed languidly to bimbo. False lead, he kisses the little ugly girl with the copier. Humor. Category : Gambling Agency : Skyfilm Studio - TV Advertisement - Switzerland (2001)

Surveillance camera. Parking, couple walking to the car. Woman carries errands while husband has empty hands. One of the bags yields, the races fall to the ground. Husband does not help his wife. Motherfucker. Category : Sites internet Agency : Condor - TV Advertisement - Switzerland (2001)

Surveillance camera showing a man walking down the stairs of a building with his dog. He notices shoes on a doormat; Watching for possible passages, he pees/pee his doggie on. Typo: Problems with the neighbors? You'll soon find a new home at Category : Sites internet Agency : Condor

Sony - TV Advertisement - Canada (2001)

After the war, years 40 to 60, a Canadian received a letter from her husband, a soldier, announcing her return home. On the way, this one refuses any solicitation: beautiful women, bars, prostitutes, tattoos... On his arrival he dodges his wife and runs to find his products Sony. Category : Photo, audio and video Agency : Maclaren / McCann

Rogers - TV Advertisement - Canada (2001)

Waiting for the Internet connection several people sing a song so the loading time is long. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Maclaren / McCann

Sony - TV Advertisement - Canada (2001)

Girl listens to music along the grass. His dog licks his balls and licks her face after. "We can only protect your music" Category : Photo, audio and video Agency : Radke Films

Jif - TV Advertisement - Denmark (2001)

A woman leaves her house, makes a few yards and turns around. Her husband beckons him through the glass door, he makes the windows and then sticks his mouth against the glass. The woman gives in and kisses her through the glass, leaving a large trace of lipstick. She leaves but the husband continues to kiss the window, suddenly he realizes that the factor is looking at him. It's like he's cleaning up all the tracks with a wipe. Category : Interview Products Agency : Lowe Lintas & Partners

Telecom - TV Advertisement - Argentina (2001)

A guy sees a hot girl ride a bus. He repeats himself in his head "Look at me" until the girl turns her eyes towards him but he turns away before resuming in his head "Look at me Again"... Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Agulla & Baccetti

Ikea - TV Advertisement - Germany (2001)

Big guy in the top-of-the-way is a tap dancer. A big maid catches it and puts it on a rug so that it makes less noise. Category : Landscaping the House

Ikea - TV Advertisement - Germany (2001)

Monster legs go through a kitchen. A closet opens once the monster has passed. There is a cook hidden in the closet. Category : Landscaping the House

Calvé - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (2000)

A teenager goes home and rushes into the kitchen to prepare a hot dog that he generously season with sauces... then he goes up to his room and bites his teeth in the hot dog whose sauce squirts on the poster of a pin-up at the level of his belly Naked... well decided not to lose a drop of sauce, the teenager licks the poster and gets caught by his big brother who makes fun of him... Category : Food Agency : Lowe lintas

Magnum - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (2001)

While a man lounging in the back of a cab enjoying the freshness of a Magnum, the driver tries to make his way into the New York traffic... Finally, the taxi arrives at destination, the driver comes out of the car and throws tickets on The backseat of the taxi... The passenger then comes out of the vehicle to take his place behind his steering wheel... Category : Confectionery and chocolate Agency : Lowe Lintas & Partners

Reebok - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2001)

The huge beer-drinking belly finds the guy who's in a bar with friends. He's watching them. Category : Sport Agency : Lowe Lintas & Partners

Ikea - TV Advertisement - Germany (2001)

Wooden-leg Pirate is a refugee on a piece of furniture in a flooded room. A shark spins in the water. Prosthesis in the Fin. Category : Landscaping the House

Inscene fashion - TV Advertisement - Germany (2001)

A girl rings at a door of a certain Peter in a stairwell. An eye looks through the Judas but the door does not open. The girl then begins to undress, striptease, belly dancing, and when she removes her bra the door finally opens but she is a woman. The girl pushes a little cry of surprise, then goes away laughing. Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : Soup Film GmbH

Sprite - TV Advertisement - Brazil (2001)

A woman goes into a bakery and asks for six rolls. The baker gives her but she cries, she didn't want white people, she wanted black people. There two men disguised as blacks with Afro-cut come out from behind the counter and say that racial discrimination is a crime. They make gestures like kung-fu, catch it and put it in the bread oven. They dance. The girl comes out of the oven with an Afro-cut.CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Loducca Publicidade

Opel - TV Advertisement - Germany (2001)

A woman contorts in vain to try to close the button of her trousers... then she gets in the car with her husband who crushes the accelerator... The couple is glued to the seats and the woman can close her trousers... Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Lowe Lintas & Partners

Happy Days - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2001)

2 women hitchhike on a deserted road... the first wears a sexy dress and high heels, the second wears trousers as well as a jacket on a T-shirt far from being sexy... a car approaches and the first woman lifts a little her dress to reveal A little more his legs... The motorist rolls in a puddle that splashes the second hitchhiker who ends up with a T-shirt so transparent that he reveals his chest... after stopping in front of the woman who showed her legs, the driver Reconsiders and prefers to stop the other hitchhiker with hidden charms... or almost... Category : Miscellaneous Services Agency : Lowe Lintas & Partners - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

Grandpa talks about his life, was industrial designer. His body has changed, has aged but his mind is always keen and always has a lot of idea. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Sites internet Agency : Dektor Films

Protection santé - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

Workers on a building site. Saws, Jackhammer... Are blinded by a reflective panel that guides three nurses, including a big black. One of the workers is accidentally pulling nails from a colleague's buttocks. Heading: We're tired of asking nicely. Chicks walk Funny Ladies way. Give blood. Category : Major causes Agency : The Martin Agency

Mercedes-Benz - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2000)

A little dog arrives in front of two cars. On the left is a Mercedes, on the right another one whose mark is not visible. He looks at them both. One after another. He hesitates, "thinks." But finally he decides for the right one. He goes and pees on a tire. Logo. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Ldv / bates

Interflora - TV Advertisement - Denmark (2001)

A family is at the table. The mother serves meat dumplings. She gives one to her husband, one to her first son, and arrives to his other son (or friend of his son?) it gives all the remaining ones, it does not stop anymore. Typo: "The power of Flowers".CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Large distribution Agency : Bullet Productions

Milijonar - TV Advertisement - Slovenia (2002)

Wedding ceremony, Mary and Andy. The mayor asks the woman if she wishes to marry the man, woman says yes. Mayor asks if she's safe. Suspense. Ask if this is the last word. Woman always hesitates, Mayor tells her that she can take the public's advice. Category : Publications and Media Agency : TBWA

Interflora - TV Advertisement - Denmark (2001)

A couple is in a DIY store. The husband watches carefully the drills. He hesitates between two models but feels the look of his wife weighing on him. To his amazement, his wife takes matters into his own hands to train her to the exit with the most impressive model. Typo: "The Power of Flowers" Category : Large distribution Agency : Robert / Boisen & Like Minded

Interflora - TV Advertisement - Denmark (2001)

In his living room, a man is slumped on a couch. He's looking at a Formula One Grand Prix by drinking a beer. He empties his glass and sees his girlfriend coming. He fears the worst when he takes his empty glass... to give him a full one. The guy doesn't understand anything anymore. Category : Large distribution Agency : Robert / Boisen & Like Minded

Interflora - TV Advertisement - Denmark (2001)

A young couple is moving in. By undoing the cartons, the girl falls on a sporting trophy from her companion. The guy already sees the cup go in the trash when his girlfriend decides to put the precious object prominently on a shelf. Category : Large distribution Agency : Robert / Boisen & Like Minded

Anti exclusion - TV Advertisement - Spain (2001)

FESTIVAL DE CANNES Michel Ange: The Birth of the world (both hands touching). The Gay Day Association Barcelona. Category : Major causes Agency : TBWA (Barcelone)

Wind - TV Advertisement - Italy (2001)

94 World Cup Final in the United States. Brazil-Italy. Baggio is getting ready to make a shot at the goal. In reality he missed. Here thanks to the tricking the ball enters in a miraculous way. Joy. VoiceOver talks about the benefits of using WIND's Internet service. Logo.10489_028: English version Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : TBWA

Anti pauvreté - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (2001)

A voiceover explains how the world would be made up if we were only 100. The number of Asians, Europeans, Americans, Africans... how many births, deaths, wealth distribution, poverty, homelessness... Category : Major causes Agency : TBWA / Campaign Company (Amsterdam)

Playstation - TV Advertisement - Spain (2001)

In a public restroom, a man washes his hands before drying them with a device from which he hijacks the air to blow him in the face by reminding him of the sensation of speed he knows when he plays Moto GP on his Playstation... Category : Games and toys Agency : TBWA (Madrid)

Sécurité routière - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (2001)

Morning of a young man in a 2 second tranche: Rises, showers, combs, feeds his cat, reads, by car... Brakes (Slides on 2 sec) and manages to avoid the accident. You always have to keep two seconds of distance. Category : Major causes Agency : DDB

Telfort - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (2001)

Map of the Telfort building. Two guys in a suit waiting for the elevator. There are two elevators, they are each on the first floor (1) But the meter that shows the floors goes to 2 on one side. Of a sudden full of colleagues throw themselves on the guy as footballers who just score a goal. VoiceOver: "Telfort, very involved and very official sponsor of the Euro 2000". CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : TBWA Réseau

Football betting - TV Advertisement - Finland (2001)

Dude gives kicks in car tires. Sports Betting Category : Gambling Agency : Paltemaa Huttunen Santala

Strongbow - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2001)

Buddies in a bar drink beer. Phone rings, it's the wife of one of the guys. He makes it look like he's still in the office while his friends simulate paper noises, photocopier, etc. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : Whybin / TBWA

Playstation - TV Advertisement - Chile (2001)

Man in his shop talks about one of his toy motorcycles/carousel/For sale for kid. Complains that young people nowadays need more action. Image of video games motorcycle racing on PlayStation. Guy throws himself on the ground next to the motorcycle simulating being ejected from the carousel. Humor. Category : Games and toys Agency : Whybin / TBWA

BMW - TV Advertisement - (2001)

Delivery room. Surgeon in place for the birth of a baby. They take a man out of his car. Man cries like a baby when they cut his seatbelt like an umbilical cord. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Frederick & Valenzuala

Audi - TV Advertisement - Greece (2001)

Little boy lying on a beach. His voice off and that of an adult play the "game of words". Adult gives words to children, clues that need to define an object, that must be guessed. Clues revolve around comfort and beauty, security. The object to find is the Audi A2, of course. Kid plays with sand, pebbles. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : TBWA

City tv - TV Advertisement - Canada (2001)

A teenager is chatting on the Internet. He's on an erotic dating site. Her caller tells her that she is hot and makes him want to scream. He replies to shout his name and hears his mother screaming in the next room. Disgusting guy. Category : Publications and Media

Sécurité routière - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2001)

Woman reporter talks about a big problem: heavy foot disease. People with this disease have such a heavy foot that it hangs behind them. This disease can cause car crashes. Category : Major causes Agency : Duval Guillaume (Brussels)

Vedior Interim - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2001)

Guy in Elevator looks himself in the mirror and realizes that he has a lot of shaving foam on his neck. Wipes with his tie. Category : Employment and Training Agency : Publicis

Axion - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2001)

Young old help to walk and she steals her cell phone in his jeans pocket. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Duval Guillaume (Brussels)

Stella Artois - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2001)

During the Second World War, an American soldier was rescued by two Frenchmen, one brother and one sister. The Frenchman is convinced that Stella Artois is a French beer and tells her its story. Years later, the American is still in France and dares not tell his friend that it is a German beer... and this is where he sees "Belgium" registered on the bottle. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : Duval Guillaume (Brussels)

Pages jaunes - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2001)

Guy in relaxation mode in his bubble bath. Man in a suit comes out of the water. Surprised Guy, man tells him he's here to promote yellow Pages on the Internet. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Rönnberg / McCann Erickson

Microsoft - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2001)

Farmer puts a battery in his radio station and leaves on his tractor. He's smashing the barn. Category : Computer and office automation Agency : Rönnberg / McCann Erickson

Mac - TV Advertisement - United States (1984)

In a concert hall or a completely empty theatre. A young man enters, he sits alone in the room. He asked the following artists to play songs for him. On the stage: Liz Phair, De la Soul, Ziggy Marley, SmashMouth, DeepDitch, George Clinton, Barry White, Lil'Kim. Category : Computer and office automation

Playstation - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2001)

Scientific experience. Guy researcher puts Gnats in a jar and locks them up for three days. After, when he opens the jar, the Gnats no longer come out and remain in a space such as that of the jar. Category : Games and toys Agency : TBWA (London)

Playstation - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2001)

Family around a table come out video game sounds. In their throats, their glottis is shaped as a joystick sign (Sony logo). CANNES 2001 Category : Games and toys Agency : TBWA / Simons Palmer

Levi's - TV Advertisement - United States (2000)

Young man in Forest in John Walks. Friction/friction of the jeans between his legs arouses curiosity/cry of reproduction? of a skunk/badger who comes out of his burrow and starts to run it. Young man gets scared and goes running... Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : TBWA\Chiat\Day

Bud Light - TV Advertisement - United States (1987)

kitschy atmosphere of the years 80 where people dance in a evening with the dog star Hyper Cool Baxter way. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : DDB

Crédit Agricole - TV Advertisement - France (1992)

A man contemplates the photo of his money, 500 FRS ticket. languishes. Collapsed. Cries subtitled in English. Category : Banks and insurance Agency : FCB

Crédit Agricole - TV Advertisement - France (1992)

Woman waits for the money to be spared for quite a long time, makes the 100 not, snatches a calendar page while her husband Waits... 15105_065: subtitled in English. Category : Banks and insurance Agency : FCB

Miko - TV Advertisement - France (1992)

Movie Trailer form. Love, adventure, celebration, suspense, violence, exoticism, voluptuousness. VoiceOver, typo. In passion: Glacier. Split screen. With Royal cone/Mikorama. Logo. Typo. Immediately in this room. Category : Food Agency : Callegari Berville

Reebok - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

2 Teenagers walk in the mountains/forest, get the wrong path, cut through vegetation. One of the two teenagers gets bitten by a cobra in the calf. His friend starts sucking his wound to aspirate the venom. Passes a pretty Métis black who does his jogging on a dirt road, who thinks that the Buddy sucks something other than the wound, given the position and expression of the face. The guy's firing his buddy. Category : Sport

Reebok - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

Two young morons in jogging. One of them has a big urge, his friend rips off plants to act as PQ. Guy comes back relieved. A couple passes and recommends them to pay attention to toxic plants. Dude scratches his butt on the tree. Category : Sport

Reebok - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

Two young men a little jerk in a junk forest, hunting game with a bow. They follow traces that bring them near a moving grove. They uncheck dozens of arrows and realize that they killed a small dog with a pink necklace, Sugar, which belongs to a very muscular man... Category : Sport

Protection animaux - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

Dude stops on deserted road with his super cute dog. In his trunk, half-dead man covered with a garbage bag. Dude kills him with a baseball bat and throws him into ravine. He gets in his car and dog is happy to find him. Typo: "That's the great thing about pets. They really don't Category : Major causes Agency : Hungry Man

Pepsi - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

Video clip of Britney Spears. The people watching it are stuck in front of the TV. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : BBDO

Animal Planet - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

Parents come home from the evening... Mother finds Gorilla as a babysitter in the baby's room. Call her husband, but just tell her that baby is standing. Father's bringing gorilla back. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Publications and Media Agency : Nicebigbrain

Pacific bell - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

CANNES 2001 two girls fight wildly like prehistoric monkeys/females/Cro Magnon women, with shots of fruit and plastic bones, under the calm and placid look of a cat and a dog side-by-side, because the redhead is waiting for a call while That his blonde girlfriend blocks the line by downloading a video. Instinct, return to the state of nature. Category : Sites internet

Pepsi - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

Bob Dole, American senator walks on beautiful beach with dog. Tells us that he has always addressed people candidly whatever the subject. That is why, wants to tell us about a product that has brought him performance, energy, joy in his life. Door to his mouth Pepsi can. Drink is his best friend. Makes a somersault in front of beautiful girls. Cut on seller in store that tells us to buy it immediately for its vitality.Typical American. Beautiful phrases, beautiful music. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : BBDO

FedEx - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

Veteran parade in the car. Old brakes a little too abruptly. Airbag is an inflatable doll. Humor. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : BBDO

Cingular - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

American football players in body expression. Old pianist with air surly. Old little teacher makes them do no dancing, little graceful steps; of expression free by being a rooster, an elephant, a tree... Shifted. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : BBDO

Damart - TV Advertisement - France (1980)

Woman hidden in a snowman. She is not cold because she is well dressed: she wears damart. Category : Large distribution Agency : HDM Nord

Kronenbourg - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2001)

CANNES film FESTIVAL A beautiful woman at a coffee terrace. Men look at her and are distracted in their activity (a worker plants his pickaxe in the head of a colleague, a butcher cuts himself by cutting meat, an electrician gets electrocuted, an old man in a wheelchair takes a streetcar). A policeman understands the situation, approaches the girl and puts her hat on the beer she was going to drink. The guys were staring at the beer. The woman gets arrested. Wrong track. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : RKCR / Young & Rubicam (London)

Tim - TV Advertisement - Brazil (2001)

An expedition into the jungle/Amazon rainforest. One man explains that they are on the verge of meeting for the first time a member of an unknown tribe, we hear him already speaking. The explorer slowly approaches the Indian who is from back. He turns around, he's got a tray in his lip and he's on the phone. The Explorer is amazed. The man closes the flap of his phone and does the same with his tray. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Master Comunicacao

Damart - TV Advertisement - France

Three members of a family are exposed: the father, the mother and the grandfather. They each claim to feel better in their skin since they wear thermo, radiant heat underwear. Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : HDM Nord

Telecom - TV Advertisement - Argentina (2001)

Same guy continues his way into desert. Arrives in town. Hosted by Argentine hooligans. Teaches them to order football clothes and derivatives on the Internet. In delivery box: gangs, English hooligans. Bloody brawl breaks out. Dude is going to look serene, satisfied. Go to "keep doing good." Typo. Logo. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Sites internet Agency : Agulla & Baccetti / Lowe