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Centraal Beheer - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2001)

In a grey and industrial suburb, the alarm clock rings and a man wakes up screaming at his boyfriend sleeping in the next room that it is time to get up. They prepare in speed, throw a few things in bags and drive away after checking that they have their passports and tickets to Rio. The duo sings "I go to Rio" when the car swerves to finish its race in the window of a jeweller... the guys take their minds while we hear the siren of the approaching police cars.
Category : Banks and insurance
Agency : Result / DDB


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Folha de S.Paulo - TV Advertisement - Brazil (1996)

Bank. Man's coming to the depot. Woman at the counter informs bad bank situation. Hold up, Cris, hustle gangster woman. Gives him the same answer. frankness, sincerity. Same voice off. Category : Publications and Media Agency : ALMAP/BBDO

Tokyu hands shinsaibashi - TV Advertisement - Japan (2006)

BBH: Mpeg Cannes 2006 TC: 7-36 mother tries by all means to wake her son. Crazy/hysterical tendency of the mother who uses the Awakenings, Roosters, electric guitar, trumpet, rocket launcher and finally that ejects her son from the bed as if launching ramp to take his place. Category : Landscaping the House Agency : Dentsu inc (Kansai)

La parole aux sourds - TV Advertisement - France (2018)

Speech to the Deaf an awareness campaign for the cause of the deaf-mute. "Unsilenced" is in the form of a B/w music video. The French-American electro group, Haute composed the music, and the British dancer Billy Read, wrote the lyrics and interprets them in the sign language Category : Major causes Agency : BETC