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Bud Light - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

Type reportage on unknown people, the "genius" guitarist for weddings, his pathetic life, his passion for moving the crowds, while remaining jaded, no groupies, all on a song telling his life, Kitch. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : DDB (Chicago)

Bud Light - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

A black man walks into a beauty parlor to get a massage. We'll tell him room 5. When he sees Bud Light, he gets the wrong room. The young lady arrives to give her a bikini wax. Cries of pain. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : DDB (Chicago)

Peugeot - TV Advertisement - France (2008)

English Version years 40. A couple rides in a Peugeot parked in the street. They kiss. Around them time accelerates, the decades pass. The old woman turns into a new 207. The couple stops kissing, they are amazed to end up in the 21st century, they get out of the car. Typo: Once An original, always an original with Camille DePazzi and Alexis Loret Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : BETC Euro RSCG

Bud Light - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

In an office, a woman goes to see her colleague at the photocopier, she begins to speak with a "gangsta" language and releases her from "Her" room Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : DDB (Chicago)

Budweiser - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2004)

Foul in an American football game. The referee gets burned by the coach. He's still unemotional. The same referee gets yelled at by his wife. His face remains static. Fun. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : DDB (Chicago)

Twix - TV Advertisement - United States (2010)

Father of family devolved, abashed, baffled by the arrival in building of three bombs. They tell his wife that they will be able to babysit in order to share more time with her. Category : Confectionery and chocolate Agency : SapientNitro

Budweiser - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

Mec criticizes the expenses of his company with a stranger: the tax controller... Fall Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : DDB (Chicago)

Sam's Town - TV Advertisement - United States (2003)

A man's dream, the water is replaced by beer: at the faucet, in the shower, watering the lawn. Category : Tourism Agency : Cramer Krasselt

Nana - TV Advertisement - France (2006)

A guy pretends to play a tennis match using his girlfriend's napkins like foam bracelets... She's jaded, "Xavier! Stop playing with my towels! " Category : Toiletries Agency : La Chose

Budweiser - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

At a party, a gentleman invites a young woman to dance. The latter accepts, but once on the dance floor. He starts dancing, gesturing, no matter how. Total shame. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : DDB

Bombay sapphire - TV Advertisement - United States (2003)

Animated Film. Beautiful. On a blue background all in Chinese shadows. Reference to Chinese and Japanese prints/paintings. Wood bridges, trees and stylized mountains. Young woman blows, makes bubbles that fly away, turn into small parasols. Fish-Carp, kind of Phoenix. Caterpillar and butterflies come to find a young man near a lantern. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : Psyop (new york)

Adidas - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (2011)

In the Vondelpark, a public garden located in the city of Amsterdam for a sunny afternoon, people play football. Four Ajax players from Amsterdam (Jan Vertonghen, Lorenzo Ebecilio, Siem de Jong and Miralem Sulejmani) join them and wear their team's New Jersey and ridicule them. They're offering their jerseys to the guys they just played with and signing them. Category : Sport Agency : TBWA\Busted

Weetabix - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1992)

Robin Hood en route to the castle of the Duke of Nottingham where his beloved Marianne is sequestered and makes signs of the top of the niches. Robin arrives at the castle, sees the Duke/Sheriff eating Weetabix, so he turns around and returns to Sherwood to eat a blow. Category : Food Agency : Lowe

Anti pauvreté - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1992)

Boxing Day, the day the homeless sleep in cardboard boxes. Testimonials of the difficulty of living on the street Category : Major causes Agency : Lowe

Mercedes-Benz - TV Advertisement - Germany (2000)

Night. House. Storm. Little girl in her bed, with teddy bear, can't sleep. Go see the parents, who snore, sleep deeply. Down staircase and Traverse House. Go to the garage. Reflection in body, little girl smiles. Folds in the back seat and falls asleep peacefully. Logo. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co

Gatorade - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

Athletes are trapped in drops. When the latter burst in contact with the ground, it releases them: running, tennis, gym, treadmill, yoga, Taichi, surfing Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Elements 79 Partners

Sécurité routière - TV Advertisement - United States (1992)

Comparison of watermelon protected by motorcycle helmet. Helmet Falls. Fruit intact. Next to watermelon without protection. Fruit bursts. Category : Major causes Agency : Martin Williams

Iberostar - TV Advertisement - United States (2010)

Antonio Banderas is on filming a movie. They're turning a war scene between a pirate ship and an English boat. The actor's phone rings. He's just registered on his phone: Mexico. Without losing a minute, he stops shooting, escapes from this scenery and takes a luxurious car that drives him to the airport and takes a private plane to Mexico city. At the airport, a Rolls-Royce with driver awaits him. The driver takes him to the city. As there is a lot of traffic he decides to continue the road by motorbike. He enters the hotel, passes the golf course, and retrieves a horse. He finally manages his mission: he is riding in front of a woman in a swimsuit. The latter is completely surprised because two hours before she told her girlfriend that she will be totally conquered if he came Antonio Banderas on a black horse. Category : Tourism Agency : Sra Rushmore

Gatorade - TV Advertisement - United States (2003)

We sound at the door of a suburban pavilion, it is Yao Ming, basketball star who comes to pick up Jimmy to play. They play until they break the basket. We ring the doorbell, it's the baseball player Derek Jeter who comes to pick up Jimmy, and finally he's the American footballer Peyton Manning of the Texas Rangers team. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Elements 79 Partners

Virgin Mobile - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

Black, pseudo-nerdy, simulates a philosophical discussion with a Buddhist monk about what is right.CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Fallon (London)

Freeview - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2013)

Two tadpoles that come each from one side of the pond meet each other. It is love at first sight and each of the two tadpoles is joined by those of his clan to offer some kind of dance to the other. There is an astonishing spectacle until we discover that we are not the only ones to observe the choreography of the tadpoles as a child looks with a diving mask under the water and also attends this free show. The last image shows a balloon in the form of an advertising banner "Freeview" that overlooks the pond. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Leo Burnett (Londres)

Protection environnement - TV Advertisement - Germany (1992)

Man throws a bottle with "help" in the sea. On beach woman finds bottle, suspense, seems to give it to policeman. But throws it in trash for glass Category : Major causes Agency : Lowe

Stella Artois - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1991)

Painter gives a picture to a cafetier to have a beer, it's actually Monet Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : Lowe

Privatisation de l'eau - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1989)

Water starts from a dam to reach us: hairdresser, Fountain: Everyone is concerned with the purchase of shares on the water. Category : Miscellaneous Services Agency : Partners

Virgin Mobile - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

Girl asks Pastor: A good company can go to Heaven (Hell for others?)CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Fallon (London)

Braun - TV Advertisement - United States (1992)

Waiting at the dentist, drill noise Category : Toiletries Agency : Lowe

Molson - TV Advertisement - Canada (2008)

A03/110-Cannes 2008Some traits of typical Canadian absurd behaviors and codes narrated in a kidnapped tone. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : Zig (Toronto)

Starbucks - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

At the office, Stacy takes her coffee with group of 4 blacks singing Wap Wahoo behind her. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Fallon (London)

Korunni - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (2004)

A woman screams, she screams. The camera's backing up, it's mounted on her desk. She is afraid of a computer mouse..... Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Tanagra

Verizon - TV Advertisement - United States (2011)

A futuristic arena perched at the top of a skyscraper in a typical New York city. Young woman in black leather outfit faces various giant robots stuffed with gadgets which she removes a component to every victory. She centralizes them and gets a smartphone. "Made from machines to rule all machines". Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : mcgarrybowen

ESPN - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

Outside, children play sports (football, basketball, baseball, rugby, American football, field hockey....) but have no ground. So they improvise and draw the limits of the land with what they have on hand (of the son, their bike, grass, cardboards, dustbins, trees....). But there always comes a time when you lose the ball (in the sewers, near a nasty dog, at the neighbors) 179, 11563: version of 30 " Category : Publications and Media Agency : Wieden + Kennedy (New York)

Virgin Mobile - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

Young man questions his rabbi about what is kosher. Can a company be kosher? Because she's cool.CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Fallon (London)

Pepsi - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

A man sits comfortably in a chair, eats crisps and enjoys a Pepsi while watching TV. A baby cry is heard and the boy says he's coming. The baby continues to cry, the man says he is on his way... he finally decides and pulls a curtain to discover his wife who has just had birth. She's surrounded by medical personnel. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : BBDO (New York)

Kijima - TV Advertisement - Japan (2004)

In a plane, an air hostess makes the demonstrations of use. She blows so hard in the life jacket to inflate it that she breaks a tooth. It owes its pulmonary abilities to its repeated passages on a large eight. Category : Leisure and culture Agency : ADK (Tokyo)

Kijima - TV Advertisement - Japan (2004)

A young girl starts milking a cow and collects a considerable amount of milk in a minimum of time. By dint of clinging with all his strength to the grip of a great-eight, the girl developed an impressive musculature at the arms level. Category : Leisure and culture Agency : ADK (Tokyo)

Trony - TV Advertisement - Italy (2006)

Succession of men and women who mourn and because they realized that every electronic equipment they had bought was sold cheaper at Trony. Category : Photo, audio and video Agency : Ovni (milan)

Bud Light - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

Dude has an inflatable man doll that watches his beer in a bar. Absurd Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : Dieste Harmel & Partners (Dallas)

Antena 1 - TV Advertisement - Romania (2003)

Old red car SIMCA rolling on national deserted countryside, bordered by cypress trees. Inside old couple. Woman sees a wheel laid on the ground, picks it up and pretends to drive. Car arrives at the height of another crate, new and driven by a young. Old pretends to turn left brutally, the youngster gets scared and crashes into the ditch. Old player is laughing. Category : Television Agency : Leo Burnett

Greenpeace - TV Advertisement - Israel (2001)

GOLDEN DRUM 2001Seaside sequence Plan. The sound of waves surge is replaced by the sound of a man who vomits. Typo: A number greater than 10 million tons of waste in Israel, flow to the intèriur of the Méditerraneaine Sea every year. Our sea is sick. For 10 Shequels per month you can stop this. Logo Category : Major causes

Nike - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

Acoa video games. American football game. We are a team and we face a violent team. As the team progresses the options, powers appear in the bar at the bottom of the screen. (special effects). * CANNES Film FESTIVAL Category : Sport Agency : Anonymous Content

Anti violence - TV Advertisement - Germany (2004)

Western children playing hide and seek in a swamp. When the child who counts turns back all the children have disappeared.Typo: "Each year thousands of children disappear. Killed by landmines. ""Every year thousands of children disappear because they are killed by mines." Category : Major causes Agency : Scholz & Friends (Berlin)

Telia - TV Advertisement - Sweden (1997)

Parody of the Monty Python (Superbowl) Ring. Man fights against himself. Catch. To illustrate the telecommunications monopoly in Sweden. Everything will change because Télia will enter the ring. CANNES 98. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Publicis

Sky - TV Advertisement - New Zealand (2004)

Cannes film Festival Black & white Images, ironic message from the music channel: "We would like to thank all the tyrants, the criminals, the psychopaths, the murderers, the racist fanatics (...) Without them, this chain would not exist ". Different Typo each time you hear a "Sieg Heil". Category : Publications and Media Agency : DDB (Auckland)

Nescafé - TV Advertisement - Russia (2003)

Typo: Another morning in the Arctic...Two strong Russians in a wooden shack lost in a snow desert. One of them wakes up, looks under his bunk bed and sees that his colleague/brother is not there. Rises on the toe of the feet because cold ground, prepares a coffee, makes a small space in the frost on the glass to see through: His colleague/brother is lying on a chaise longue, under an umbrella, covered with warm clothes, while blowing the wind. He joined him and said, ' Miami '. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : McCann Erickson Worldwide

Renault - TV Advertisement - Italy (2017)

In the car, future groom leads and his witness/honorary boy tells him that he loves him, that he loves his wife and that he slept with her. With each assertion, the groom leaves the road of the eyes and an obstacle arises: a car that slows down, the car that leaves lightly the road or even a farmer with a cow. Fortunately, the car is connected and avoids the obstacles of itself thanks to its various options: active support system for maintaining the trajectory, speed control and automatic braking. Then the groom tells him that he has already slept with his mother. Humor. Revenge. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Publicis

Orly - TV Advertisement - France (1992)

Big bald guy represents Dick, two round dwarves at his side his balls. He's shutting ' em up because the balls are running around all the time. Typo: "Cleaning scene in a brief". Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : Vitamine

Blu win - TV Advertisement - Switzerland (2004)

Horse racing CANNES FESTIVAL. Uninitiated Jockey: Too big, too big but fastest in the race. Category : Sites internet Agency : Jung von Matt (Zürich)

Dole - TV Advertisement - Japan (2008)

In a family restaurant a couple discusses. The girl tries to talk seriously about their relationship and the guy eats a banana. Every time she wants to say something she stops by asking why he eats a banana and he apologizes. With each plan on him we see that he has bananas on his head and then in the mouth, the ears... Finally he tells him that he loves him and his head is then a banana that he opens to make his face appear. Category : Food Agency : Dentsu / Young & Rubicam (Tokyo)

Kijima - TV Advertisement - Japan (2004)

A student tows a bus using a rope that she holds between her teeth. She holds this force from her repeated passages on a large eight which oblige her to tighten the jaw as much as possible. Category : Leisure and culture Agency : ADK (Tokyo)

Anti pauvreté - TV Advertisement - Switzerland (2004)

Stripper does her show and swings her bra. TYPO indicates that the association Soli Tex recovers clothes. Category : Major causes Agency : Publicis (Zürich)

Skandia - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2007)

Ctvs-09-03446_003/Epica 2007-09As they watch TV between buddies, one of them is thinking about protecting the table of glass brands. Category : Banks and insurance Agency : Garbergs

National Clinic - TV Advertisement - India (2004)

Young Indian man on the street, people make fun of him. Enters a strange trade, which is actually a clinic, a man plays with a pen "who undresses". The young man asks to pee, the man tells him the toilet. In the toilet all the faucets are upside down, as if erect. Category : Health Agency : McCann Erickson (Mumbai)

Swiss mobiliar - TV Advertisement - Switzerland (2004)

A father enters a house to retrieve the ball from his son, the window closes, he does not see it and Pat in the ball, the window breaks. Category : Banks and insurance Agency : Publicis (Zürich)

Old Spice - TV Advertisement - United States (2012)

American footballer Greg Jennings has the body caught in cement except his head, his feet, his buttocks and his hands. This does not prevent him from bragging about the merits of Old Spice deodorant. He explains that it is in delicate situations that you become stronger, especially when you know that its deodorant is up to par. Then a muffler comes crashing at his feet igniting his left foot. Category : Toiletries Agency : Wieden + Kennedy (Portland)

Timex - TV Advertisement - United States (1992)

A man disguised as an old lady/little old woman breaks everything: The mirror, the glasses, the Windows, the showcases....... so it is ugly except the Timex watch Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : Fallon McElligott

Anti alcool - TV Advertisement - Thailand (2004)

In a bar, a guy is totally drunk, his reflexes are attenuated. A bottle rolls on the table and crashes on the floor before it responds. The server reports the currency but as the guy reacts with a delay time, he leaves with thanking for the tip. In the street, he is greeted by a buddy... he continues his way to greet in his turn a few meters further. Laughter accompanies these scenes. Then we find the guy at the wheel of his car, he knocks over a kid without even realizing it. The scene stopped the laughter. Category : Major causes Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi (Bangkok)

Kelton - TV Advertisement - France (1969)

A young man posing in front of his ice cream. Ridiculous. Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : Dupuy Compton

Lee jean's - TV Advertisement - United States (1991)

Men do not manage to put on their jeans Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : Fallon McElligott

Ford - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1992)

The spot parodies the movie "Rocky" by resuming his music. A man enters a hangar where there is an old model of Ford Escort RS 2000 that he decides to resurrect with the help of mechanic buddies. The car is completely redone and receives a new engine before finding the path of the circuits for a workout that sees her return to her best level under the eye of her trainer, stopwatch by hand. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Ogilvy & Mather

Game Show network - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

A patient on a hospital bed, a cashier, a kid, a soldier, a waitress, binoculars, a couple of retirees... all repeat the word "botulism." They actually answer a question posed to a candidate of a televised game that answers: "Salmonellosis"... and crashes.With a small appearance of the American actor Chris Evans Category : Television Agency : TBWA\Chiat\Day

Amstel - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (2004)

Men destroy a bathroom. It smashes everything, the tiles, the bathtub, the toilets, the sink..... They drink a beer in the kitchen when their friend arrives with a new... sink. He asks them why they did not start. The two fellows got the wrong piece CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : Young & Rubicam (Amsterdam)

Hahn - TV Advertisement - Australia (2004)

Bimbos relax at the edge of a swimming pool in a beautiful luxury villa. One of them sits on a pouf. Suddenly a guy jumps from the balcony above and lands on the side of the Ottoman which projects the girl in the water. He drinks a sip of his beer and doesn't understand why the girl is sulking. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : Clemenger BBDO

Skittles - TV Advertisement - United States (2012)

A woman kisses a walrus when another woman enters the room. The first tries to justify herself by saying that this is not what she believes while the second thinks that the first is kissing her boyfriend. The woman caught hand in the bag (or rather the mouth on the walrus) tries to justify herself by saying that the walrus looks like Bobby but that it is not Bobby. She goes on to say that it is exactly like the Skittles whose color does not reflect the taste taking the example of a green candy whose flavor is "fruit punch". Category : Confectionery and chocolate Agency : DDB (Chicago)

Hahn - TV Advertisement - Australia (2004)

A sexy woman takes off her bathrobe and goes into a round Jacuzzi/bathtub with moss. There are candles around, Zen vibe, sensual. Suddenly a guy jumps into the bathtub while he's bombing. It splashes everywhere, it extinguishes the candles. He unwraps a beer and doesn't understand why his wife is upset. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : Clemenger BBDO

Libero - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2004)

A blond kid in a stroller looks hallucinated: His look is in range/buttock height, and sees all the panties, all the thongs and leggings protruding from the trousers "low waist". Typo: Strange fashion or what? Little Blondie proud to walk with his diaper well enveloping. Category : Toiletries Agency : Forsman & Bodenfors

Black up - TV Advertisement - Thailand (2007)

Man enters a company and is welcomed by a person playing all the employees of the box, from the guard to the boss through the receptionist and the secretary. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Idea avenue (Bangkok)

Libero - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2003)

In a pouring rain, a family walks in a forest break. Everyone rushes out of the car for a pee break: The father, mother and daughter are soaked from head to toe. The baby lowers the electric window and looks at them. Everyone gets wet to the bone. The baby shows a smile to the ears. Thanks to his diapers, he stays dry... Category : Toiletries Agency : Forsman & bodenfors (göteborg)

Tele2 - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2004)

Dwarf, called Bill, dances on disco music. Ridiculous and funny. Word Game Bill = Invoice. Big and small bills. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Forsman & Bodenfors

Caprice des Dieux - TV Advertisement - France (1977)

Man has to go to the cinema he can not eat cheese that smells, then model man reduces him to appear a whim. Demonstration the inside of the box contains a clown to cut. Category : Food

Playstation - TV Advertisement - Spain (2004)

Man with marker (machine to make the white lines on football field) crosses the city in every direction. Then the desert, the mountain, etc. Draw immense terrain. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Games and toys Agency : TBWA (Madrid)

Gas - TV Advertisement - Italy (2003)

A man walks into a strange shop. The security gate rings when he tries to leave. A man/vigil with dog Doberman asks him to take off his clothes. The man comes out naked, except for a bracelet. Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : TBWA

Heineken - TV Advertisement - International

Idle. Three guys watch an aerial duel between Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Patrick Vieira. Roman soldiers serve beers to the spectators. Van Nistelrooy wins the duel and tries to score from the head. The spot ends when the ball approaches the goalkeeper. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : Wieden + Kennedy (Amsterdam)

National tax board - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2004)

Young people walk in the street, pedestrian walkway man trunk, rejected man library, public bench shoots, beach man rejected by water... "Imagine that only good tax payers can enjoy public services..." CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Miscellaneous Services Agency : TBWA (Stockholm)

Mtv - TV Advertisement - Argentina (2003)

CANNES film FESTIVAL An old man on his couch drops a crate, we hear Britney Spears ' baby One More time song. He calls his wife to show him, as well as to his children, his friends and a doctor who surprised. He becomes a star, all the newspapers talk about it. He is invited on TV to show his gift, he farts but this time one hears more than the sound of fart, dismay of viewers. Category : Publications and Media Agency : Mtv Latin America

Lotus - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2011)

Western music. Duel between a cup of coffee in a synthetic image and a hand. The first one who takes the speculatos between them wins. Victory of the cup of coffee. Category : Confectionery and chocolate Agency : Duval Guillaume Modem

Samsung - TV Advertisement - Chile (2003)

Young people are out of gas. To advance their car, they place their radio cassettes on the roof of the vehicle and put the music to the bottom... they change music to slow down and pass in front of a policeman. Category : Photo, audio and video Agency : McCann Erickson

Mtv - TV Advertisement - Argentina (2003)

A young man with short hair enters a hairdresser. The latter picks up the wicks of the previous customer and makes the young a hairstyle at the forefront of fashion as he has seen on MTV. Category : Publications and Media Agency : Mtv Latin America

Vattenfall - TV Advertisement - Sweden (1996)

Used construction. Worker made hole in board with electric drill. Colleague disconnects. First request reconnect. The other one wants him to add "please." First annoyed lifts drill and plank before him. Say "Please" on your nerves. Second Reconnect: Drill planted in board restarts. Dude gets himself a board in the face. Text: "We gave the electricity to Sweden from 1909". Logo. Category : Miscellaneous Services Agency : Och Advertising

Seguros bolivar - TV Advertisement - Colombia (2003)

In the hallway of a hospital three doctors/surgeons Rapp by showing their hands to the camera, in the manner of a traditional rap clip. Category : Banks and insurance Agency : Leo Burnett

Toyota - TV Advertisement - Puerto Rico (2003)

Uniformed mechanics occupy various and varied jobs while preserving the gestures of their former profession: Cook putting oil, florist wiping the stem of a rose, in front of a piano that it opens as one raises a bonnet, extending the Linen with battery clamps. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Badillo Nazca / Saatchi & Saatchi

Hyundai - TV Advertisement - United States (2008)

Car rides in a long futuristic corridor. The tone of the commentator is ironic, he says that Mercedes, BMW and Lexus are not going to enjoy this new car. The text explains that the car is wider is less expensive than its competitors. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Toyota - TV Advertisement - Puerto Rico (2003)

A woman finds a dog in her home with her head moving that some put on the back beach of their car. The toy is broken... in the car, it is a real dog who took the place of the toy to enjoy the car. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Badillo Nazca / Saatchi & Saatchi

Toyota - TV Advertisement - Puerto Rico (2003)

A contract aligns a series of cars but by passing a Toyota Echo, she decides to put herself a piece in the timestamp so as not to have to verbalize it... Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Badillo Nazca / Saatchi & Saatchi

Amnesty International - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2008)

The torture omnipresent in town, recalled by small touches: road surveillance camera is adorned with spades, red pedestrian snowman has hooded man silhouette, connected to wires and electrocuted. Same silhouette on movie posters on the streets. Inserts images of prisoners humiliated, dehumanized, tortured... "When government tortures it degrades all of us" Category : Major causes Agency : Darkfibre

Toyota - TV Advertisement - Puerto Rico (2003)

A kid picks up from the windshield of a car a frog with suction cups. He comes out of the car and the frog clings to the body... Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Badillo Nazca / Saatchi & Saatchi

BBC - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2003)

A couple of newlyweds are invited to go to the track for the first dance. The disc jockey throws a punk title that has nothing romantic and the mother of the bride rushes on him under the appalled gaze of his daughter and the diners... Category : Publications and Media Agency : Fallon (London)

Lotus - TV Advertisement - France

A child sits on the pot, his parents look at him. One hears his voice in voiceover that touts the merits of the Lotus toilet paper. He explains that his father finds it too comfortable for him, so the child says that without Lotus, he stops the pot. Category : Toiletries Agency : Les Ouvriers Du Paradis

Butcher's - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2003)

Puppies of different breeds all have the same mark around the eye... like that of the dog who is their father... Category : Food and Animal Care Agency : Clemmow Hornby Inge

Freekee - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2003)

A man delivers the secrets of making a soda. First of all a woman sends strawberries using a sort of bazooka on a target held by a colleague then another employee gets shaken with the bottles in the hands. Finally, a singer whispers a sweet chant to each of the bottles that parade before him... Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Clemmow Hornby Inge

Collective du lait - TV Advertisement - South Africa (2010)

In the midst of nature, surrounded by cows, a Zulu and a guy dressed as a musketeer seem to be in full negotiation about a cow. The Zulu makes the musketeer taste the milk in a gourd and the latter seems impressed. They're going to a shack together. Category : Dairy products Agency : FoxP2 (Cape Town)

Tango - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2002)

A man enjoys filling an inflatable mattress with freshly squeezed orange juice using a specific appliance. Then he climbs on when a porcupine arrives and rubs on the mattress that explodes by pouring orange juice all over the room. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Clemmow Hornby Inge

Heineken - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2003)

A bottle of Heineken revolves around the earth. A truck passes the border between France and Italy but loses part of its load, a crate of Heineken. Immediately, the customs officers rush to fight the precious loot. A Swiss customs officer observes the scene and gives the alert because the crate has fallen into a neutral zone. The army arrives and the Swiss customs officer comes to pick up the beers... Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : Clemmow Hornby Inge

ZonaJobs - TV Advertisement - Argentina

Employee makes a Powerpoint presentation to the executives of the company. The first letters of each word that scrolls form a word representing an insult: "Ladron" for Thief, "Cagon" for Coward, "Forro" for cock and "suck it" to suck me...Typo: "It's good to know we already have a new job" Category : Employment and Training Agency : DraftFCB

Citroën - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2003)

A monstrous couple with a woman whose hair is made of snakes accompanied by 2 dogs makes her shopping in a mall by sowing panic on his way... back in her car, the couple relaxes and gradually turns to find A human face and rider while the dogs in the back seat become children in the cocoon that represents the cockpit of their Citroën... yet when a man approaches to clean the windshield, the father of the family regains his air Monstrous... Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Partners Bddh

Mercedes-Benz - TV Advertisement - United States (2003)

A young man on a bus watches a young woman who has opened the panoramic roof of her Mercedes... he decides to write down his phone number on a paper that he throws through the opening of the roof... The young woman starts to smile and puts the piece of paper in the boxes Gloves where there are already many other phone numbers scribbled on pieces of paper... Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : MJZ

Ikea - TV Advertisement - Australia

An almost complete family is installed in front of the television and observes the father who takes a lot of precaution to join his chair. He makes a lot of effort to make himself small when there is no shortage of space. A flashback in pictures explains why bad habits are still there: The family was in a room very crowded by a large table. Today, the latter is replaced by a small IKEA table. Humor. Agency : The Monkeys (Sydney)

Bud Light - TV Advertisement - United States (2003)

In a bar, a girl registers her phone number on a underside of glass that she gives to a guy... the guy is careful that his buddies do not see the number but when he drinks his beer, the underside of glass hangs on the glass and the Buddies hasten to die Hook up their phones... When the girl is passing, she addresses a small sign of the hand and all respond... Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : Dieste Harmel & Partners (Dallas)

Virgin - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2003)

Wallpaper. A fly arrives, it gets crushed by a newspaper. It did not get off in time. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Tourism Agency : Duval Guillaume (Anvers)

H.i.s. - TV Advertisement - Germany (1995)

Auto Couple on deserted road fights. Gas Station. He's throwing her out of the car. Give it up. She's crying. Tears fall on the floor. Form a puddle from which a man made of water comes out. She's giving him jeans. It becomes flesh. Happy end . Category : Clothing and Accessories

Studio brussel - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2003)

College. Classroom. English courses. A young girl makes the reading aloud, the teacher listens to it and corrects it on the pronunciation of "Perhaps". He sings the word to her and makes music with his chalk on the blackboard.Life is music, classroomCANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Miscellaneous Services Agency : Duval Guillaume (Anvers)

Coca-Cola - TV Advertisement - United States (1992)

Elton John sings in a box with Louis Armstrong, land James Cagney and Bogart Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Lintas

Schweppes - TV Advertisement - International (2009)

Nicole Kidman is in India, dressed in sari she plays with a little Indian girl (Slumdog Millionaire). She sees a man, heads towards him, she begins to take off her dress, approaches to kiss her but finally continues her way. She's going to drink some Schweppes. She's talking to the camera, "What were you expecting?" and she's laughing. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Fred & Farid

Tve - TV Advertisement - Spain (2003)

Close-up on brace/hug/grasp in his intense arms between an American soldier, his wife and her baby. VoiceOver caption The image. Category : Publications and Media Agency : FCB Tapsa (Sevilla)

Hans Anders - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (2003)

On the beach, a girl plays to bury her bald father in the sand... the girl moves away and a balloon comes hitting the head of the father while a myopic kid appears... He will confuse the father's head and his ball... Category : Health Agency : BBCW

Volkswagen - TV Advertisement - Germany

Caesar tells Brutus how wonderful it is to have him as a friend. Typo: "Friend" with a disapproving sound. Brutus turns to the camera with a look of fake butt.See things before they get dangerous.The Volkswagen Side Assist. " Category : Accessories Agency : DDB Tribal Berlin

Sol - TV Advertisement - Mexico (2003)

In her bed, a young woman is waiting for her husband when a crowd of zombies burst into the room... The young woman starts to howl by refugeing in a corner of the room when she walks on the remote and turns on the television that broadcasts a football game ... immediately, the zombies are captivated by the sports encounter. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : Lowe

Française des jeux - TV Advertisement - France (1992)

There is one minute left for a man to compost his lottery ticket and we hear: "Yes, the grid is validated at the last minute... only Emotions!" Category : Games and toys Agency : Lintas

Texas Longhorn - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2010)

American Family (Texan) made his pre-meal prayer, father during his preaching mocking Sweden, this comic country imposing a permit for the purchase of a weapon. Son asks if it would not be a good idea to atomize it. Father to propose to help them, rather. Category : Food Agency : Wiley & Partners

Française des jeux - TV Advertisement - France (1992)

Even in your living room, you can live the excitement of the sport. A family man gets booed by his wife and daughter because he just lost to the sports Lotto. Category : Games and toys Agency : Lintas

Ikea - TV Advertisement - United States (2003)

In a salon, a girl announces to her parents that she is pregnant... The tone starts to rise when an Ikea seller appears... false track... The family is in an exhibition room in an Ikea store, it's a simulation... Category : Landscaping the House Agency : Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Cartier - TV Advertisement - France (2015)

3 love stories, 3 couples, Paris and Cartier. Romantic destinies that intersect in the heart of Paris. A love affair between Ana Gervais and Oisin Stack at the Paris Philharmonic, the Rodin Museum is part of a love game between Christa Theret and the one she loves, while a couple formed by Anne Chan and Nicolas Bridet are about to renew their Greetings in the middle of Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport. 3 love stories including Cartier and the privileged witness. Category : Clothing and Accessories

Hidrolite - TV Advertisement - Thailand (2003)