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Nissan - TV Advertisement - Saudi Arabia (2018)

Social experience. Muslim women are asked about their desire to drive and pass their permits since the law in the Arab Emirates allow them to do so from June 2018. But these women are still a little reluctant so Nissan offers them a special driving lesson: This driving course is given by a male member of their entourage: father, husband or brother. Their enthusiasm is palpable at the end of the course and they promise to pass their licence. A historic turn in the history of the Arab Emirates. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : TBWA / Raad (Dubai)

Amnesty International - TV Advertisement - France (2012)

Bank notes pour into a river. In a street, the body of a reporter is covered with tickets. In a prison, soldiers torture a prisoner whose body is covered with banknotes. Under the eyes of his executioners, a man is decapitated while his body appears covered with silver. African armed soldiers are moving in a pickup truck in the wake of which tickets are stolen. A typo says: "Money can hide terrible things, we are financially independent of governments and multinationals, only your donations can support our actions". Category : Major causes Agency : TBWA (Paris)

Gatorade - TV Advertisement - United States (2009)

Cartoon/Animation. Whole forest is silent for the swing of the young Tiger Woods. Shooting a little too powerful and poorly adjusted bounces on all the trees, transforms a tortoise into a spinner... Smoked-glasses bear and Cap takes him under his wing and takes him to the multi-coloured waterfall "Focus Falls" where a magic drink that gives concentration to the drinker flows. Forest animals start singing in chorus. Category : Photo, audio and video Agency : TBWA\Chiat\Day

Motorola - TV Advertisement - United States (2006)

Nana does striptease on cell phone message. It was not his guy who picked up but a colleague. Stunned, hangs up when the husband enters and informs him that his wife called. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : O&M (New York)

Kiinteistömaailma - TV Advertisement - Finland (2006)

Epica 2006/12-03833 from her husband's departure on her return, a woman spends her day opening and closing curtains and blinds. Category : Miscellaneous Services Agency : Hasan & partners oy

Anti tabac - TV Advertisement - France (2011)

Images of a luxurious mansion with swimming pool and class decoration. A price is noted on each item. Example: 2 stomach ulcers, 1 lung cancer... The same goes for the chest and nose of the bimbo who lives in this House. Typo: "To continue to lead this life, tobacco companies need yours." Category : Major causes Agency : Euro RSCG 360

Cultura - TV Advertisement - France (2016)

Family gathered for Christmas parties around grandparents. Preparation of the meal, decorations and distribution of gifts. One of them gets a book packaged in cultural gift paper. Immense joy to discover that the gift paper that turns into origami will complete her collection. Doesn't care about the book we gave him. Humor. Category : Leisure and culture

Spare - TV Advertisement - Norway (2004)

Black & white. VoiceOver describes the exact opposite process of what you see in the picture. Talk about the birth, the first steps, the excitement, the first job... until the retreat and then the "Big start". On the screen: old awkwardly walking into a nursing home, incapacitated and glaucous, then rejuvenation, teenagers party, baby, sperm knocking at the door of an egg... Category : Banks and insurance Agency : Try advertising

Subaru - TV Advertisement - Norway

A family aboard his Subaru Forester arrives in a forest where she will camp to try to prove the presence of Bigfoot. We see the father, mother and daughter testifying against the camera. Then you hear a scream and the father rushes to discover a footprint that can only belong to Bigfoot. On the other side of the forest, we discover a local family that has fun making Bigfoot prints so that the people of the city continue to believe in the legend after which the family goes back to its Subaru forester. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Futatsu Industries

Anti exclusion - TV Advertisement - France

A guy travels in an empty city, works in an empty open space and eats in an empty canteen. While he thinks he's alone, a guy pauses his hand on his shoulder and other people appear. They're talking together. Category : Major causes

Monoprix - TV Advertisement - France (2007)

Animation that shows a woman who arrives at the office. A colleague whose face is a huge eye rises and comes to her. She pushes a scream by seeing the new mascara of her girlfriend that she absolutely wants for her... Category : Large distribution Agency : DraftFCB (Paris)

Spotify - TV Advertisement - United States (2016)

30 years later, the characters of the endless Story, Atreyu and Falkor, fly in the sky amazed that people still listen to the theme song of the film "Never Ending Story" by Limahl. Category : Sites internet Agency : Wieden + Kennedy (New York)

Gmc - TV Advertisement - United States (2008)

Pure Animation. Black and white. A man puts all his efforts to raise a stone, a rock atop a mountain (the Rock of Sisyphus). Symbol of nothing is impossible. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Campbell-Ewald

140 Caracteres Film Festival - TV Advertisement - Colombia (2012)

A wooden panel with a door and a window that hangs at the foot of a tree while an off voice says: "A house in the trees". An apartment bike on the handlebars of which is hung a handbag and a voice off that says: "15 kilometers a day". A scale in a bathroom and voice off that talks about diet. A cassette to learn English, a double bass in a closet and always the voiceover that adds a comment. A book and voice off that says: "The 822 pages of a book". Then you see a hand that takes the film film to place the reel on a projector while the voice off returns on all those things that you start without finishing them by announcing the ultimate date to be able to drop his short film. Category : Cinema Agency : Sancho / BBDO (Bogota)

Snickers - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2018)

A party takes place in a house where a battle is held between famous rappers: Emarr Kuhomano and Monique Lawz. A slightly more acute sound is heard and it is Elton John who enters the round and humming one of his biggest hits "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" under the incredulous gaze of the crowd. Femi Nylander, the British rapper from Oxford, takes matters into his own hands and proposes to Elton to eat a Snickers in order to overcome his hunger. Rapper Boogie then returns to him. Humor. Mockery. Category : Confectionery and chocolate Agency : AMV BBDO

Glenlivet - TV Advertisement - United States (1998)

Young man is robbing a liquor store. Ask for cash from the cashier. Take it and then ask for a bottle of scotch. Seller replied that he could not give it to him without a piece of identification. Shows him and leaves with him. Man phone the police, says the name and address of the one who just stole it. Category : Alcoholic beverages

Lux - TV Advertisement - France

After a shoot, Mireille Darc explains the secret of the beauty of her skin while the photographers and admirers flock around her. Category : Toiletries Agency : J Walter Thompson

McDonald's - TV Advertisement - United States (1994)

Mother Active realizes that she did not prepare anything for the dinner of her two sons. Children remind her that she is their mother and they all go to Mc Do. CANNES 94. Category : Restoration Agency : DDB

Vittel - TV Advertisement - France (1945)

Cartoon. Man listening radio, war news Way. Voice announces that Vittel cleanses the body. Demo. A drop of snowman-shaped water inside the body cleans the organs. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages

Orange - TV Advertisement - France

An animation like a fairy tale that begins in an African village with a young woman whose all men are in love. Among the contenders there is a warrior, a wealthy prince, a sly merchant and a modest boy but all that the young woman desires is on top of a mountain and it is a legendary flower so rare that no one has ever seen her. The modest young boy leaves in search of the flower but he is caught up by the warrior and the rich prince. The Warrior is the first to arrive at the top of the mountain where he picks one of the flowers so rare. He returns at full speed to the village but when he arrives before the young woman it is to offer him a faded flower. The rich prince is the second at the top of the mountain, he picks a rare flower that he lays in a box before returning to the village to offer it to the young woman but then again the flower has lost its brightness. As for the sly merchant, he does not try to climb to the top of the mountain and buys a flower that fails to deceive the

JBC - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2004)

A pretty young blond woman attracts men like a magnet. She goes up in a subway compartment, two young guys stuck and crushed against the window of the door. Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : Duval Guillaume (Brussels)

Toyota - TV Advertisement - United States (2002)

Celica Lookee Ferrari parked in residential alley genre chic suburb suburban. Old man goes in front, looks at her and screams, "Slow down! It's a neighborhood place! ", then goes away in a plague. Typo/hangs "looks fast". Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi - TV Advertisement - United States (2018)

With Emmy Rossum and Harry Lennix. Story based on real facts.A reporter interviews a politician. When this interview ends, the reporter thanks him and the latter compliments him and takes the opportunity to caress her knee... Typo indicates that it is harassment. Category : Major causes

Equal Pay Day - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2018)

To denounce wage inequality between men and women, equal pay Day has imagined the "love story" of a couple whose age difference is equal to the pension gap that women have to face: wage gap but also its long-term impact On women's pensions.A young man marries an old woman, a "love story" illustrated by moments of intimacy and love: Marriage, kissing, ping-pong party, shared joint, bath... But the old age of the woman is felt: The groom helps him to walk, helps him to eat, to wash. To get rid of his wife definitively, the husband puts marbles on the stairs. The old lady Falls and dies. At the notary, the groom thinks he will receive a legacy but he only pockets a few bills and a few coins. A creepy, startling story. Category : Major causes Agency : Mortierbrigade

Washington mutual - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

Debra's a very stressed person. At the office, a simple hello and she jumps by flipping her coffee. She meets her banker, the latter calms her and she takes everything with a smile. She laughs in the waiting room, camping with her children she does not panic the bear inside the tent. She learns to drive to her son, the latter smashes a car with the reverse but she laughs. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Banks and insurance Agency : Sedgwick Rd (Seattle)

The one show - TV Advertisement - United States (2008)

Two employees work on a file, they do not know what to do, between a man disguised as a bear (their client) and the fight begins. The boss comes in, asks if it's moving, then leaves. Category : Miscellaneous Services Agency : La comunidad

Centraal Beheer - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (2002)

Jean-Pierre, a uniformed base cop, flirts with the florist at the "Fleurs de Paris" kiosk. Call all patrols to catch the clowns who attacked the National bank. The cop leaves for work, missing a pile-up/accident. He requisitioned a force car by bringing down both drivers. Starts the manhunt-pursuit race. He's driving really bad, smashing his car. Is soon joined by several police cars that follow him. In fact it is targeted, in the back a clown mask... Jean-Pierre, Super proud and naïve, believes to lead the race. Logo. Category : Banks and insurance Agency : Result / DDB

Bresso - TV Advertisement - Germany (2003)

Doorman of a large hotel says hello to all the people who come home and come out. He gets angry and yells at a client because no one answers him. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Food Agency : Springer & Jacoby (Hamburg)

Soul - TV Advertisement - Australia (2004)

A young man is leaning into the bar. A young woman is approaching him. Exchange of glance. We hear his inner voice that commands him not to look down. He cannot resist and look at the cleavage of the young woman. On the side of the young woman, one also hears her inner voice forbid her to look down, but she can not help looking at the size of her... wallet Category : Leisure and culture

Levi's - TV Advertisement - United States (2000)

Girl in jeans and T-shirt in subway corridor. Bizarre visual effect, decor and character seem separate (as a projected blue screen décor). Dude and Girl (same) run "on the spot" in hallway. Same effect. Technoid Music. Plane scales and camera angles vary. Typo, logo, Internet address. Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : TBWA\Chiat\Day

Armée anglaise / british army - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1999)

Black and white. Laundry. Typo: The Army commits only one category of persons. Black man and white man sitting in the laundromat. Close-up on white man face, typo: Is it him? Black woman face: Is it? Face man and woman Beur: Ditto... Close-up skins of different colors: "It's not about color, it's about abilities, we only hire the best." Category : Miscellaneous Services

YMCA - TV Advertisement - United States

A father and son set up a tent in the middle of a forest to spend the night. They are around a campfire when a cyclope arises. The father and the son start to run and rush into a tree to get shelter. The son arrives without penalty but the father remains clinging to a branch without reaching his weight. The Cyclops seems to be in spite while we discover the images of a sports hall. Category : Sport

Pepsi - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2000)

Music, Cris. At the end of his concert, Robbie Williams is prosecuted by journalists. Just before arriving at his dressing room, he is interviewed. At the same time he answers questions, he takes a bottle of Pepsi. He drinks and continues his interview at the same time. Play back . Surprisingly of the reporter. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : CLM & BBDO

Smith & Forge - TV Advertisement - United States (2016)

Kenneth Leverich, a professional weightlifter, disguised himself as a 84-year-old octogenarian to trap (much younger) bodybuilders at Muscle Beach, a force competition in Venice Beach, California. Category : Alcoholic beverages

Orbit - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (2007)

Ctvs-02-00538_002/Epica 2007-02 A man plays with his dog. Then he serves him a bowl of food and finally eats it up to the last bite. Category : Confectionery and chocolate Agency : Mark / BBDO

2003 Année européenne des personnes handicapées - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2003)

Dinner at the restaurant with friends. A man, a real motherfucker, sexist, macho, dirty beauf, selfish and stubborn, holds all the most infamous and smoky words. His friends do not answer anything, let him say without a word, embarrassed: women should stay at home, not work, which would contain unemployment; A good war to revive the economy; A girl who complains about sexual harassment has been looking for her, only to see her eyes. Camera Changes angle: Man in a wheelchair. VoiceOver: This man is a handicapped person, but first of all, this man is an idiot. Category : Major causes Agency : Leo Burnett

Snickers - TV Advertisement - France

During an interrogation, a mafia must answer to the police. A blow he throws everyone, one shot he refuses to be a snitch. All because he's half hungry. Category : Confectionery and chocolate

1 nite stand bar and comedy club - TV Advertisement - Malaysia (2006)

In retirement home, old laughing. The other old man's throwing him out the window. Category : Leisure and culture Agency : Ogilvy & Mather (Singapour)

Telenor - TV Advertisement - Norway (2003)

At the opera while she sits, a woman recognizes another sitting higher: an old friend of hers. Start a conversation between them on intimate subjects including their respective spouses/partners present alongside them. Talk to see high as if alone. Embarrassment of spouses and other spectators. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications

Fiskars - TV Advertisement - France (1982)

Mylène Farmer uses scissors to cut fabrics. realizes dress on plastic mannequin. Category : Interview Products

Scoop Away - TV Advertisement - United States (2010)

Series entitled "The Adventures of Clumpy and crumbly", in French, "The Adventures of Clods and Friable". The two little characters in the shape of balls of different colors, one violet and the other yellow, are at the opera. The curtains deviate to let the kittens appear. Sitting at a balcony, the two balls look at the room using binoculars. The yellow dumpling crumbles. Above them there is a chandelier. He's stalling. The yellow dumpling creeps out and breaks down before he picks up the chandelier on his head. The purple dumpling hallucinates and comforts his buddy, then continues to watch the performance. Category : Food and Animal Care Agency : DDB (San Francisco)

Canalsat - TV Advertisement - France

A film that begins as an animal documentary with an antelope that is the prey of a lioness when the lioness exceeds the antelope and that the animal film turns to sports retransmission with a commentator who is enthusiastic as for a meeting Athletics with a giraffe who just doubles the lioness in her race. Category : Television

Kit Kat - TV Advertisement - United Arab Emirates (2012)

A true dwarf clone of a teenager persecutes the latter by following him wherever he goes to the toilet. The teenager catches a Chunky Kat Kit in a vending machine and the second after, the clone is crushed under a giant bar of chocolate candy. An animation shows the inside of the chocolate bar that once again knocks out the dwarf passing underneath. Category : Confectionery and chocolate Agency : JWT (Dubaï)

Mattel - TV Advertisement - France (1989)

Magic Baby: A doll that speaks up to 400 words, eats, laughs, etc. Category : Games and toys Agency : Ogilvy & Mather

K-Bank - TV Advertisement - Norway (1999)

Baby, little girl and father at the table. Kid sends mashed potatoes or yogurt on father with spoon. Father said to him: "Daddy loves You, Daddy will take care of you...". Girl continues to sprinkle her. Talk to him about bank, savings Plan girl takes towel and wipe. Logo. Category : Banks and insurance Agency : Leo Burnett

Credit suisse - TV Advertisement - Switzerland (1997)

Grandmother's famous birthday family. Surprise, kids, cake... Everyone present except girl. Concern. She comes on a motorcycle, black glasses buddy. Grandparents see her coming through the window, she's in a good way. Banking Services for young and old. (Richers and poor). Cannes 97 Category : Banks and insurance Agency : Euro RSCG / Eurad

Foot Locker - TV Advertisement - United States (2010)

In a classroom two boys are chatting. A new student arrives, very pretty but with ugly shoes. They show their lack of enthusiasm. Another new student arrives, less pretty than the previous one but with a pair of Nike. They show a lot more enthusiasm. Category : Equipment Agency : SapientNitro