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Belin - TV Advertisement - France (1984)

Jacques Villeret, seated, on sofa in company sexy woman, imagine being able to seduce her with biscuits. Woman pulls the packet out of his hands, turns his back eats biscuits. Selfish. Category : Food Agency : Fca!

Eram - TV Advertisement - France (1984)

Women in strange outfits, opening way of the Olympic Games or Wonder Woman, sing and dance on solemn music. "245 F...". Below, at the foot of the cliff, Blondes 50 's sing in an antiquated way, "149 F" by aspiring carpets. One of the super-heroines beckons and whistles. Logo and typo, super-heroine says: "They're Russians!". Sic. Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : CLM & BBDO

Mac - TV Advertisement - United States (1984)

In a concert hall or a completely empty theatre. A young man enters, he sits alone in the room. He asked the following artists to play songs for him. On the stage: Liz Phair, De la Soul, Ziggy Marley, SmashMouth, DeepDitch, George Clinton, Barry White, Lil'Kim. Category : Computer and office automation