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Showing posts with the label Adultery - TV Advertisement - South Africa (2010)

An employee enters his boss's office. The latter told him that they wanted Tshabalala's account and that he planned to get him to work on it but that they lost the Tshabalala account because he slept with Tchabalala's wife. Typo: "If you get retrenched we pay". Category : Banks and insurance Agency : FoxP2

Tennent's - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2000)

A man gets caught in bed a beer by hand by his refrigerator... with another refrigerator... The 2 refrigerators decide to plate it in the moment and the man buys another refrigerator to house his precious beers... Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : The Leith Agency

Protection animaux - TV Advertisement - Spain (2003)

A couple and a child in a car with cat masks. The man comes out of the car to follow a beautiful woman to the despair of his wife and daughter. For the sterilization of cats. Category : Major causes Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi (Madrid)