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Trane - TV Advertisement - Thailand (2003)

A car makes a skid, the door opens, a passenger lays a carton and then the vehicle leaves. Puppies come out of the box to rave in front of the landscape that made them a perfect playground. A stray dog with a sparse coat calls them to tell them that they have just been abandoned. The puppies start to cry while the other dog tells them they'd better reincarnate into air conditioners... Category : Landscaping the House Agency : TBWA

Volkswagen - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (2001)

Close-up of a cabin in a wood at the edge of a lake. It's a sauna and four men are almost naked there. A towel covers them from the waist. They sweat a lot, it's too hot. Suddenly they come running out. False Lake Trail, they go to an air-conditioned GOLF course which is parked a few meters from the sauna. They're entering the car. Joy. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : DDB