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Lee Cooper - TV Advertisement - France (1998)

References NANA napkin Movie. Runway with planes. Inside the airport. Man, sexy, customs pass. Customs woman, also sexy, inspects baggage, passes metal detector on body man. Positive Signal. Man goes shirtless. Signal. Trouser detector, sex level. Signal. Male spreads fabric jeans, watch metal buttons. Woman let him go. Man leaves his phone on pouch matches. Drag. Seduction. Category : Clothing and Accessories

Schweppes - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1997)

KINSALE 97 Diamond Mine under high surveillance. Two men found a diamond each. Put it in his mouth. One of them swallows it. Drink a Schweppes. The other throws cans in the trash in front of a woman who sweeps. Cops arrive, control them, wash them, make them radios and discover the diamond that the man had swallowed. The other has nothing so release it. Man finds himself on the road, truck takes it by the way. Driven by the same woman who was sweeping. She comes out can of the trash bag in which diamond hidden. Accomplices, thieves. The other man is forced to go to the toilet to recover diamond. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi

Toyota - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1996)

Parents and Girl type Wednesday/Wednesday Adams in minivan car. Parents Talk about space in the car.: Father says we could put half the hand in it. Mother can see three more children. Little girl gets horror film: Sees Small brothers and restless sisters invading car. Back in house: Every time parents get ready to kiss, car alarm goes off and father comes out to see. It's the girl who triggers remote alarm. Typo: "The car in front of the house is a Toyota". 2) Idem. Other girl tricks: during meals frightens mother with mouse on a remotely controlled car, scary pretext to sleep between parents. Disgusted Parents. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi