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Levi's - TV Advertisement - United States (2013)

A street, the Castle Marmont, a way like a peripheral, a woman who wears a hat and talks about her just like a boy who plays drums near the letters "Hollywood" and then a picture like those found in stations where we can see register "what Moves you? ". Then there are different people trying to answer the question. Then a new inscription says "Join now". Category : Clothing and Accessories - TV Advertisement - France (2000)

For website culture and leisure. White background. Interviews of characters in Chinese shadows to keep anonymity. Three demonstrations of ideas received. Cons of man explains that he does not feel need to look for books on the internet while he receives all the information he needs by mail from his town hall. Category : Sites internet Agency : BETC Euro RSCG

Levi's - TV Advertisement - United States (2013)

A horse in the desert and a young man who plays drums at 2 steps from the letters "Hollywood". Then there are different people expressing themselves, a man in a boxing room, a woman while we see the sign "The future is leaving" on a table like those found in stations to announce departures and arrivals. A couple dances near a fire hut, a flag floats in the wind and a neon "Now" goes out. At night, we see a billboard "On with the show" which overlooks the city illuminated in the distance. Then it's a boy who does tap dancing and a succession of faces, a bridge, a railroad, an inflatable character and a couple in a hotel room while another couple plays music in a band. A neon says "Sure do love you." One can read "Be good humans" on a mobile screen and a man testifies in the back of a car while a split screen shows a guy and the Statue of liberty while a seated teenager takes the floor after which we see skaters. Category :

Radiolinja - TV Advertisement - Finland (1999)

A man naked like a worm gets a pizza delivered by helicopter in the middle of the night... a neighbor denounces by telephone the actions of the type. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Also Starring Film