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Anti cancer - TV Advertisement - France (2009)

A clown, with his face painted in white, a black hat, a red marinière and trousers with braces entertains the townspeople by mimicking the facts and gestures of the people. The townspeople are having fun, laughing at his jokes. Typo "It feels better when there is someone behind." The clown is behind a woman sitting on the edge of a fountain, eating. He mimes his way of eating behind her. Typo that adds "especially when you have cancer". He's removing his makeup. Carry all his stuff in his suitcase. and leave with his briefcase. Behind him a series of people, in the Indian file follow him. Typo which adds: "In the Face of cancer, we are stronger together". The clown looks at his watch and all the other behinds do the same. Category : Major causes Agency : W & Cie

Anti cancer - TV Advertisement - Norway (1999)

Adam and Eve naked on the back platform of a truck covered with apples. Incentive consumption fruit & vegetables for decreased risk of cancer. Category : Food Agency : BBDO (Oslo)

Anti cancer - TV Advertisement - Norway (1999)

Adam and Eve, naked under their leaf of vine, more young and a little flaccid, crunch apples with gluttony. A neighbor hunts them with a shotgun. Category : Food Agency : BBDO (Oslo)

Anti cancer - TV Advertisement - Norway (1999)

Eve, totally naked under her vine leaf, but more youthful and a little flaccid, sitting on Apple branch... that yields under her weight. Avalanche of apples on the biblical couple. Category : Food Agency : BBDO (Oslo)