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Amaguiz - TV Advertisement - France (2008)

Auction: For sale, a stuffed ostrich. Jean Rochefort keeps shouting €50 even after other people have bet higher/outbid. It is "Augmentophobe" Category : Banks and insurance Agency : Publicis Dialog

Ben - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (2002)

A man, Will, thirty dynamic and cool, spends his whole day taped to the mobile phone. Floss, shaves, grabs coffee and feeds his hamster by phoning. Greets all his neighbors, in an auction, an unfortunate movement of arms makes him the owner of a stuffed camel. Takes pictures of tourists in front of this camel, phone to two people simultaneously, plays tennis with the phone stuck in the headband, gets bitten by a dog without letting go of the conversation, goes to party, sings in Karaoke... go home and lie down With his motive. Product dependency. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : KesselsKramer