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Milijonar - TV Advertisement - Slovenia (2001)

Bakery. Woman comes out with bread. Other is coming. Ask Baker Bread. Returns him impenetrable gaze. Music suspense. It offers 4 types of breads, which appears according to graphic chart of "Who Wants to earn millions?". Thoughtful woman, seems embarrassed. Logog Games. VoiceOver: "Are you ready for a new season?". Woman asks if she can have half a loaf. Half of the answers are erased. Category : Publications and Media Agency : TBWA

Wakkere Bakker - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2003)

A baker at his workplace says that he is always asked the same question: "Rudy, after preparing our bread all night, do you still have time for your friends?". And he to answer "of course." It is then seen in the parking lot of a stadium while he fell asleep on the bus of the supporters, above a barbecue before it collapses on won by sleep, next to a dog with a fork in his hand before he crashes the fork in the skull of C Hien because he fell asleep and finally taking a frisbee in his mouth because he sleeps upright... Category : Shops Agency : Duval Guillaume (Brussels)

Sprite - TV Advertisement - Brazil (2001)

A woman goes into a bakery and asks for six rolls. The baker gives her but she cries, she didn't want white people, she wanted black people. There two men disguised as blacks with Afro-cut come out from behind the counter and say that racial discrimination is a crime. They make gestures like kung-fu, catch it and put it in the bread oven. They dance. The girl comes out of the oven with an Afro-cut.CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Loducca Publicidade