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Personal - TV Advertisement - Argentina (2010)

In Cordoba, 4 March 2010. In an empty interrogation room, several men face the same difficult situation. Everyone must resist eating what is on the table to prove their commitment to the rally's sporting event. They have to deal with a kind of barbecue, a portable grill, where grilled sausage and good grilled meat, all accompanied by a large glass of fresh beer. Everyone resists in their own way, one is four-legged and holds hands on the face, one pushes the glass farther away not to be tempted or another pushes the barbecue. Typo: "Soy Cordobés, Me gusta el Rally". The brand is the official sponsor of the 2010 Argentina Rally competition. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Santo (Buenos Aires)

Directv - TV Advertisement - Argentina (2016)

The Argentines have two passions: football and good grilled meat. A tough dilemma when they have to watch a game and have a barbecue. Testimony of different supporters who missed either their meat or matches. Man invents a barbecue with a camera that allows to watch a game while watching his meat. Humor. Category : Television Agency : Ogilvy & Mather (Argentine)

Budweiser - TV Advertisement - United States (2010)

Interlaced Images from previous periods of "Great Moments": Rock concert, baseball game, party in a bar and garden party with barbecue. These moments live with a beer. Images from the beginning of these different "great moments". Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : Anomoly

Wakkere Bakker - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2003)

A baker at his workplace says that he is always asked the same question: "Rudy, after preparing our bread all night, do you still have time for your friends?". And he to answer "of course." It is then seen in the parking lot of a stadium while he fell asleep on the bus of the supporters, above a barbecue before it collapses on won by sleep, next to a dog with a fork in his hand before he crashes the fork in the skull of C Hien because he fell asleep and finally taking a frisbee in his mouth because he sleeps upright... Category : Shops Agency : Duval Guillaume (Brussels)