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Black Magic Box - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1991)

In front of a café, a man (Christophe Guybet) is expecting a woman... a young woman approaches him to ask for his route and he gives him a box of chocolates but it is not the woman he expects... this last comes out of a taxi and sees it... she comes to him Make a scene and throw a glass of water in his face... The two women go away and the poor guy decides to sit at the coffee terrace to recover from his emotions... A couple argues at the next table but the woman sees the box of chocolates and thinks It is a gift from his friend (Bruno de Stabenrath) to apologise... She catches the box of chocolates that her owner tries to snatch her when her friend returns on her steps to find him again in the company of another woman but she also discovers A soft word on the box and falls into the boy's arms while the other couple continues to argue... Category : Confectionery and chocolate Agency : J Walter Thompson