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Collective du lait - TV Advertisement - United States (2007)

City where gravity is random, that's why when it starts to act it is better to have good bones Cannes 07 Category : Food Agency : Grupo gallegos (long beach)

Feed - TV Advertisement - Norway (2000)

Young man in waiting room approaching an aquarium and dive hand in. Is devoured hand and arm by telephones in fury (ref. piranhas). Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : DDB

Nestea - TV Advertisement - United States (2000)

Animation. A skeleton enters a closed grocery store. He dismounts his bones one by one to go through the mailbox. Arrived in the store, an American style dog staff barks. The skeleton gets remboîte and drinks nestea cool. Turns into a snowman. Lack of pot, doesn't go through the mailbox to get out. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Fallon McElligott

Mtv - TV Advertisement - Finland (2003)

Distinguished Old undertaker (tail of pie and top of shape) parks in a park to get his dog out. Sends him a bullet, but the dog comes back with a human-looking bone. A lady who passed with her daughter turned around, horrified. The mortician is embarrassed. Six Feet Under Series. MTV 3 Category : Publications and Media