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Sampo - TV Advertisement - Finland (1996)

Man driving his car on freeway is disturbed by bee in cockpit. Brakes abruptly. Bee crashes against windshield. Category : Banks and insurance Agency : Sek & grey

Renault - TV Advertisement - Spain (1996)

On the race track, two riders climb into a megane and go on a whirlwind. They begin to brake at the beginning of a series of distance measuring strips and are timed. Close-up on their faces, haggard, sweaty. One: Good brakes, the other: not bad. They get out of the car, their hair is frozen forward, banana way. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Tiempo / BBDO

Dodge - TV Advertisement - United States (2003)

On site, two workers, 1 big black 1 skinny white, chatting in a Dodge SUV. The Skinny eats meatballs, swallows and chokes. Black accelerates, pushes the car to the bottom and brakes abruptly. Dude ejects dumpling that breaks on the glass. Disgusting. Black not happy. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : DDB

Playstation - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2002)

In the woods, a little fawn alone makes its way. He crosses a road, stops in the middle and sees a car coming directly at him. The big driver sees him at the last minute. He's on the brakes. The car crashes against a window, an imaginary wall. The little fawn has nothing at all.Fawn crosses the road. Car, crash, car wrecked. Category : Games and toys Agency : TBWA (London)