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Perrier - TV Advertisement - France (2010)

52648_001 (15 sec): Teasing of the website. Arrival of a car in the courtyard of the Chateau Perrier. Different plans of Dita Von Teese undressing languidly.52648_002 (47 sec): Web Capture. Entering the secret room or waiting for Dita. We take a picture with a Polaroid and then give the camera. Aim of the game, follow Dita in the dark to photograph it. She takes off a garment as she goes along.52648_003 (42 sec): Web Capture. Arrival of a car in the courtyard of the castle. Dita is waiting at the top of the steps.52648_004 (67 sec): Web Capture. Dice game with Dita. The Perrier logo appears on two sides. Dita gets up, undresses and takes a bottle of Perrier that she empties entirely on her chest. You are lucky!Ref website: Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Ogilvy (Paris)