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Clarin - TV Advertisement - Argentina (2016)

Man comes home angry goes into the room and yells at his wife who is in bed asking him constantly "where he is". He looks for the lover everywhere, opens the closet and discovers it. Wrong track. He doesn't care about the lover. This is the new coat that his wife to buy that interests her. A fight ensues around the money with as a witness the lover of the woman who understands nothing about the situation. Humor. Category : Press Agency : J. Walter Thompson Argentine

Bud Light - TV Advertisement - United States (2003)

A young woman goes to a friend's house unannounced. The apartment of the type is without a bottom but as the girl brings a pack of Bud Light, he agrees to let her ride. When it enters, the room is completely tidy but when it opens a cupboard, it is overwhelmed by all kinds of objects. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : DDB (Chicago)

Jernia - TV Advertisement - Norway (2003)

A man in pajamas enters his kitchen to have a glass and a toothbrush that is in a cupboard in height. Then he brushes his teeth in the sink when the closet door opens again while he straightens and bumps... Category : DIY and gardening Agency : DDB

Ikea - TV Advertisement - Germany (2001)

Monster legs go through a kitchen. A closet opens once the monster has passed. There is a cook hidden in the closet. Category : Landscaping the House