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Babybel - TV Advertisement - France (2000)

Music. China, Vietnam, Asian countries. Election poster Asian politician. Printing. Employees eat Babybel. Have fun throwing wax dumplings that wraps the cheese on boss head. Laughter. Boss catches wax and throws it away. Lands between rotary ink rollers. Distribution of newspapers. Crowd is watching him. All turn the page at the same time and see Red nose of clown on photo of the politician. Laughter. Jingle. Category : Food Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi

Audi - TV Advertisement - Spain (2001)

Young man 30 remembers his babysitter, a hyper sporty black who took him everywhere: run by pushing the stroller, carrying the baby in his arms, on a hurdle course, at the relay. Mockery, we see that the baby is only a coarse plush. Man confides that he always needs this sensation. Typo-Hang. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Tandem company guasch DDB