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Siminn - TV Advertisement - Iceland (1999)

Illustration of the needs of teenagers, need for insertion in a group, discovery of the opposite sex, retarded hobbies... 70 's. A guy more thirties than teenager, look surly, falls in love with a woman of a social group more intellectual. Goes through cosmetic surgery, comes back: Nana has changed her social affiliation. "You're unique." Category : Post Office and Telecommunications

Radio Mafia - TV Advertisement - Finland (2000)

Dude walks around and in his way, everyone laughs at his big ears. Dude decides to go see a plastic surgeon. False track, he comes out of the surgeon with even bigger ears. Category : Radio Agency : Hasan & Partners

Audi - TV Advertisement - South Africa (2002)

Close-up on Sharpei's head, whose face is all pleated. He looks through the window of a car. This one starts is dog face is unfolded by the speed of the car. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Ogilvy & Mather