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Shockproof Film Festival - Festival Otrlého Divaka - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (2009)

A man is robbing a bank with a shadow puppet with a hideous clown holding the gun. A little goofy, they're wrong about wickets. Police are coming. Puppet takes his owner ventriloquist hostage, that he shoots a bullet in the head, history to prove his determination. Amazed cops. Category : Shows, event

Becherovka - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (2005)

A bunch of guys are fighting a bunch of chicks on a dance choreography. A couple of traitors sympathizes around a drink. Category : Alcoholic beverages

Blesk - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (1990)

Black and white. Politician with his mistress. Made headlines in the tabloids. Shot in the head. Suicide.VoiceOver "Blesk has news like thunder!"1862: "Lion" logo Category : Publications and Media Agency : Young & Rubicam

Orbit - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (2007)

Ctvs-02-00538_002/Epica 2007-02 A man plays with his dog. Then he serves him a bowl of food and finally eats it up to the last bite. Category : Confectionery and chocolate Agency : Mark / BBDO - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (2006)

Dog Bobik in the forest in the midst of sushi. Giant chopsticks catch it and dip it in the sauce. Category : Sites internet Agency : Kaspen (Prague)

Paralympic games athens - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (2004)

Greek statues and other murals whose bodies are crippled in the image of the Discobol with which an arm is missing... Category : Sport

Training centre - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (2001)

GOLDEN DRUM 2001 Wooden game with a pendulum that makes a bear tap on a computer, action by a hand. VoiceOver explains that you can become an expert among all other computer users. Logo Category : Computer and office automation

ancestryDNA - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2018)

The site which is the largest genealogical database in the world uses Brexit to tell the English that although their politicians have decided to leave Europe, their DNA is on average 60% European. A Frenchman at the restaurant, Swedish fishermen, an old lady who peels potatoes, a German butcher, Czech customs officers, a Dutch museum keeper, Poles on a bus, rugby players of one knows where, speak to the English in Song before they finally leave Europe. They sang "Together Forever" by Rick Astley, an English singer and songwriter who had a great success in the years 80. Category : Sites internet Agency : Droga5

Korunni - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (2004)

A woman screams, she screams. The camera's backing up, it's mounted on her desk. She is afraid of a computer mouse..... Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Tanagra

Oskar - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (2003)

Mother filmed at the camcorder her daughter at the pool who will jump from the diving board/But his attention attracted by publicity and misses the scene of the jump. encourages him to dive again. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications

Tento - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (2003)

A marathoner walks by hips swinging, rolling his buttocks, seeming at the end of the effort... a woman gives him a drink but he prefers to rush to the toilet. When he emerges, he seems to be relieved and has never been so light to the point that he takes up competition in the race step by doubling his opponents... Category : Toiletries Agency : Young & Rubicam

Sécurité routière - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (2003)

Hospital/Morgue. Nurse arrives with bed on wheels... Refrigerator locker, slide body on stretcher and hook to toe carton with number. TYPO: Your new PIN Category : Major causes Agency : Leo Burnett

Volkswagen - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (2001)

Close-up of a cabin in a wood at the edge of a lake. It's a sauna and four men are almost naked there. A towel covers them from the waist. They sweat a lot, it's too hot. Suddenly they come running out. False Lake Trail, they go to an air-conditioned GOLF course which is parked a few meters from the sauna. They're entering the car. Joy. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : DDB

Aral - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (2002)

Out of jail. Woman comes to pick up her boyfriend with a car. Man locks woman in chest car did not put good gasoline for auto. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Services automobiles Agency : Mark / BBDO