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International Film Festival Rotterdam - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (1999)

A young man comes out of a cinema during the projection of a film. He's disgusted. It rips off the poster of E. T. He had at home. He calls the information to get Steven Spielberg's phone number. Everywhere, restaurant, dentist, taxi, he tries to call him but he always falls on secretaries. Finally, he gets to fall on his personal phone. He gets the answering machine and instead of leaving a message, he makes the sound of a fart with his mouth and hangs up satisfied. Category : Leisure and culture Agency : Benjamens Van Doorn Euro RSCG

Fox sports net - TV Advertisement - United States (2000)

In his practice, the dentist of an ice Hockey star recounts his memories while images of games are aired. Category : Television Agency : Hungry Man

Braun - TV Advertisement - United States (1992)

Waiting at the dentist, drill noise Category : Toiletries Agency : Lowe

Hitradio - TV Advertisement - Austria (2001)

A kid is sitting in the dentist's chair. The Doctor is absent for a moment and the child approaches a glass of his teeth to observe his braces. When he opens his mouth, he hears music as if he is capturing a radio... Category : Radio Agency : Barci & Partner / Young & Rubicam