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Carte d'or - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2003)

Submarine, crew gets served disgusting dessert by cook. See TV advertisements appetizing and get revenge by sending Cook as a torpedo. Category : Food

Miko - TV Advertisement - France (1974)

On a boat that pitching dangerously, 2 sailors face their plates that follow the movement of the roll... when one of the sailors tastes the ice cream of his neighbor, he leaves his plate to eat more than the ice. The latter is so good that he even wants to keep it for him alone... Category : Food

Channel 4 - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2018)

Pastries (cake, cookies, cake, cakes, pastries) shaped hedgehogs, Barbie, swans, rabbits, or even wedding cakes, accept their imperfections by humming the song "Beautiful" by Christian Aguilera. Category : Television Agency : 4Creative