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Latt&lagom - TV Advertisement - Sweden (1999)

Man is looking in the mirror, does not like his little belly. Try Subterfuges, tuck the belly in, tighten his belt, pull out the shirt... to make the disgraceful round disappear. In the meantime, the tail is getting impatient outside. "Time for a new hates?" Category : Food Agency : BBDO

Latt&lagom - TV Advertisement - Sweden (1999)

Shirtless man, towel around the kidneys, cheats and modifies the tare of his balance/scales to decrease the weight. "Time for a new habit?" Category : Food Agency : BBDO Allanson Nilson Rififi

Collective de la banane - TV Advertisement - France (1992)

Close-up on a banana that decreases as the fangs grow. A typo tells us 0gr of tar and 0 gr of nicotine. Comparison with the cigarette. Healthy Fruit. Category : Food Agency : Australie