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Ikea - TV Advertisement - France (2008)

Epica 2008-Ctvs 12-03950 in an office a man, named Stéphane, rises to leave. A colleague asks him where he goes, he replies by whispering: "At Ikea". The news is spreading and everyone asks him to bring back Ikea items. Enters the elevator in extremis, falls on boss/boss who informs him that his wife is a fan of Ikea. 20312_017: French version subtitled Category : Landscaping the House Agency : La Chose

Cal - TV Advertisement - United States (2000)

University Amphitheatre, many silent students board their final exam. One starts to scream, the air of nothing, asking for help to his neighbour who responds to him in the same tone, engueulant, trying to go unnoticed. Grilled by all the Amphi and the examiner, surprised. Typo: Easy to spot the fans of Cal Basketball. Category : Sport Agency : Black Rocket

Telia - TV Advertisement - Sweden (1999)

Stupid. Mini. Self service. Queue. People tray meal in hand. Girl, look silly, giggles at regular intervals. Men in meeting room, listen to man reading text, ditto, one of the men giggles. Library, young man. All of them wear pagers whose vibrations make snicker. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : BBDO Allanson Nilson Rififi