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Pages jaunes - TV Advertisement - France (2008)

A man of Cro-Magnon/caves living in our time. At first he's lost. In a restaurant, on the street, at the hairdresser (ridiculous hairstyle). Then he succeeds in the nightclub on the Eiffel Tower. Category : Miscellaneous Services Agency : M&C Saatchi GAD

Nina Ricci - TV Advertisement - International (2012)

Different views of the city of Paris at night then a loving couple who walks the streets. The young woman hail a taxi whistling. His friend hands him a little package and she falls in his arms. Category : Cosmetics and Beauty

Sécurité routière - TV Advertisement - France (1988)

Thierry Ardisson leads a bumper car in Paris. Acronym: City of Paris, Ministry of Urban Planning, housing and transport, road safety Category : Major causes Agency : Business