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Elections - TV Advertisement - Spain (1989)

Presentation of Parliament in Strasbourg with European anthem sung by children representing Europe Category : Miscellaneous Services Agency : Contrapunto

Marmite - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2010)

The food brand Pot has divided the UK for decades and focused its communication on taste, finally summed up in the famous catch: "You love it or you hate it". To animate the two opposing consumer camps a little bit, the brand gave birth to two political parties: the "Love Party", with the mission of spreading love and the "Hate Party", which, for its part, is to stop this spread. Steve Heaving, a man from the "Hate Party" party, rips the opposing party's poster and presents his propaganda to eradicate, abolish these jars of jam across the country. Set up areas where people who love this jam will gather to identify these consumers. Hunting and getting the cooks ready to give this product to the students in the schools. Chase all these pot eaters from the country and concentrate them on the island of Guernsey. Category : Food Agency : DDB (London)

Ben & jerry's - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2016)

Animation. In a world called Conville, a political lemon leader sows a certain division in the "fruity" population. A cherry is very sad because it was excluded from a meeting lemon. She walks her sorrow through the city to find herself in a park where she realizes that this hate that divides is not unanimous: a lemon offers her to share a musical moment via her Ipod. The result is a very fruitful association for our two fruits who want to welcome all the flavors on social networks. Nod to the Brexit and the American elections where the divisions are very marked. Category : Dairy products

RTL - TV Advertisement - France (2011)

Animation. Spot representing the speech of a voice off that explains the following mechanism: The French strike, they elect a new president who makes reforms, they are unhappy with the reforms, strike, make babies because they are locked in their home, the birth rate increases, Schools are full, back from lice, they make a lot of washing machines, electricity rises, they are unhappy, strike and elect a new president. Category : Radio

Elections - TV Advertisement - United States (2008)

It's 3:00 in the morning. Plan on children sleeping peacefully in their bed. A phone rings in the White House. Who would vousvoir answer this call? Hillary Clinton picks up the phone in the middle of the night. Category : Miscellaneous Services

Elections - TV Advertisement - United States (2002)

School Choir on a stage. Equality of rights. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Miscellaneous Services Agency : Pytka

Anti exclusion - TV Advertisement - Switzerland (1999)

Miss Suisse 1996 is elected under the applause of a delirious hall. The young woman shows her best smile while a man hands her a bouquet of flowers kissing her. A typo scrolls to the attention of men who would be more attracted to the boy who got eclipsed than by the Miss... Category : Major causes Agency : Publicis (Zürich)