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Coca-Cola - TV Advertisement - Brazil (2001)

Young people empty the Coca-Cola distributor with the exception of the tank that is at the bottom. Super sexy chick approaches and has to bend over to have her drink. The guys are looking at her. Cunning. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Leo Burnett

Nokia - TV Advertisement - Singapore (2001)

In a large office a man glances at his comrade's office. But he is not there. On his empty chair the typo: Now you can work away from your office. Picture of a subway that runs at high speed. In a wagon, next to an Asian woman, an empty place where there is the following typo: And leave rush hour behind. Then in an amphitheatre a man speaks. On the wall: you can stay informed. And on an empty chair: but escape boredom. Then in a parking lot where there is an empty place: do your shoping but never park your car. Then in the lobby of a bank: Bank away from the bank and disappear. After in a living room where a dog watches TV: You don't have to watch re-runs on Saturday night. We're back at the start office and the empty chair: Now you can go out and connect to life. Logo. The neighbor comes out from under his desk where he was looking for a pencil. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Bates

Buffalo wild wings - TV Advertisement - United States (2007)

In a pub/restaurant, everyone is seated in front of a beer and chicken wings. Suddenly an alarm sounds and all the screens blink "Boss". Everybody hides behind the counter or the executives. The boss comes in, sees no one and comes out. Everyone take his place, New alert "Jack Angry's girlfriend." A man operates a bottle and disappears into a trap door. Category : Restoration

Canadian International Documentary Film Festival - TV Advertisement - Canada (2001)

Black and white. View of an outdoor cinema promoting a festival of a documentary. There is no one. No queue. Typo: What's so great about documentaries? No line ups. " Category : Shows, event Agency : Radke Films

Canadian International Documentary Film Festival - TV Advertisement - Canada (2001)

Nana Canon in Taxi is getting ready to go out to the documentary film Festival and expects to have to parade in front of photographers. She gets out of the car and there is no one. She gets angry. Typo: "What's so great about documentaries? No paparazzi. " Category : Shows, event Agency : Radke Films

Protection santé - TV Advertisement - Peru (2003)

Old woman looks at her photo album... which is empty. Sadness. Category : Major causes Agency : Publicis