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Becel - TV Advertisement - Canada (2006)

BBH: Mpeg Cannes 2006 TC: 1-174 people "stuck" in an escalator/staircase failed. Man calls for help and woman panics. Category : Food Agency : O&M (Toronto)

Anti exclusion - TV Advertisement - France (2000)

Dude in a wheelchair with his buddy, call Lady to find out what the means of access to go to their place. Lady replies that it is an escalator. Obstacle of everyday life. Category : Major causes Agency : DDB & Co

Pepsi - TV Advertisement - United States (2007)

A young person comes out of a store with a Pepsi cans that he decapsules to drink a sip when he is caught by a ball that drives him through the city that turns into a giant pinball... Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : BBDO (New York)