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Anti pauvreté - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2002)

With voiceover by Ewan McGregorSwarm of vultures in the sky. A vulture is coming down. Typo: "In 1997, currency speculators caused 10 million people to lose their jobs.". As you go along, all the vultures are heading for the earth. Typo: "In 1999, Brazil spent 40 trillion US dollars defending its currency."All the vultures on the ground, around a corpse of animal. Typo: "They lost."Vultures are hounding their bodies. Typo: "When the Thai currency collapsed, child prostitution rose by 20%."Corpse shredded in close-up. VoiceOver of Ewan McGregor. Typo: Prey... poorer... Tax (negative image) "A simple tax would be enough to drive the vultures away. Join War On Want. " Category : Major causes Agency : AMV BBDO