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Ferrero - TV Advertisement - Italy (1999)

Luxurious reception. Young woman runs after server holding Ferrero Rocher Plateau but arrives too late, empty tray. Attractive man, Richard Gere, observed the scene from afar, takes Ferrero as the waiter and the laying on hand of a statue that lies behind young woman. This one turns and tastes it and then sees with surprise Richard Gere, opens mouth to say something but it makes him "hush". Category : Confectionery and chocolate

Gordon's - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2003)

Daily life of the inhabitants of a city; Heat such that people do not lose an opportunity to sprinkle with water, plunge into a basin, put themselves under a fire hydrant... At an evening, everyone spills the glass on their heads or plunges them under the cold water faucet, except one of the guys, sufficiently refreshed by his Gin. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : BBH

Protection animaux - TV Advertisement - Spain (2003)

In an evening where everyone wears dog masks. One of the dogs has an obnoxious, vulgar attitude. He's in rûte and touching his sex. For the sterilization of dogs Category : Major causes Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi (Madrid)