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Heineken - TV Advertisement - Ireland (2009)

At a party a guy sees his beer bottle falling from a library. During the fall in idle we see the life of the bottle scroll: field of hops, brewery, factory, freight train, delivery truck, in the fridge in a supermarket, bought by the guy. But eventually the guy catches the bottle at the last minute.51390: Poor video quality (Internet source) Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : McCann Erickson (Dublin)

Atol - TV Advertisement - France (2018)

A feast is organized on the occasion of the 40 years of a man. Everyone is gathered around him: his parents, his best friends, his companion, his children... He recalls with nostalgia all the major stages of his life: childhood, adolescence, twenties, thirties and finally the arrival of 40 years, the age at which there is nothing more to prove except perhaps that one can read closely. The brand offers its customers the free realization of a test of view. Category : Health Agency : Romance

Mini - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2003)

4-part Pub told upside down. A woman tells her friend that she loves men who rolls in Mini, 3 young in a mini, the driver tells the passenger, if you have a girlfriend one day I eat my hat, the girl stops the Mini and seizes the passenger so dude eats his hat. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : WCRS / Arnold Worldwide