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Mömax - TV Advertisement - Austria (2008)

Ctvs-08-02087_002/Epica 2008-Cat 8 A man works at his office when his wife asks him if he knows where his red pantyhose are. The man answers no but at the same time his desk lamp collapses and lightens under the desk: he wears his wife's pantyhose and heeled shoes. Typo: Don't Let your furniture embarrassments you. Category : Landscaping the House Agency : Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann Wergesellschaft MBH

Ikea - TV Advertisement - France (2012)

The life story of a family of 1982 to the present day through the Ikea catalog. Category : Large distribution Agency : Hemisphere Droit / Venise

Kit Kat - TV Advertisement - Australia (2017)

In the Middle Ages, two guys try to assemble a catapult with a registration manual identical to those of IKEA. They take their heads, do not have the right parts etc... And in the end, the catapult doesn't work. So they decide to take a break Kit Kat. Then one of them has the idea of calling customer service. So he sends a traveling pigeon (which looks like a big raven). Category : Confectionery and chocolate Agency : J. Walter Thompson Sydney

Ikea - TV Advertisement - Germany (2001)

Wooden-leg Pirate is a refugee on a piece of furniture in a flooded room. A shark spins in the water. Prosthesis in the Fin. Category : Landscaping the House