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Elections - TV Advertisement - Denmark (2004)

Man drinks a drink in a with allure bar. A beautiful brunette comes to flirt with him. Froze, he only knows how to respond. Fun. Category : Miscellaneous Services

Boddingtons - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2002)

Couple in bed. He starts kissing his wife. She turns and proposes to him to make a role play. A little surprised he accepts. So, as he must play the bartender he says "Good evening, Madam, what can I serve you? She says "a Boddington." So he serves her a beer and she drinks it with great pleasure. He looks at her mouth open but she finishes her beer, goes to bed again and says it was superb. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : BBH

Bata - TV Advertisement - Thailand (2002)

Even if they exaggerate, father and son are amused to make their shoes shine with a brush. Barefoot girl comes in drinking glass of milk. She yawns and then pours milk on her shoes. Little dog comes right away to lick the shoes. Father and son look at the open mouth scene. After that dog has finished girl leaves with her impeccable shoes. Logo. Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : BBDO (Bangkok)