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VBZ - TV Advertisement - Switzerland (1999)

A succession of people who do not have the look of their profession... an incendiary redhead who is a teacher, a punk who is a student, a transvestite who is accountant and a man in costume who is bus driver at night... Category : Transport Agency : Advico / Young & Rubicam

Radio 2 - TV Advertisement - Belgium (1999)

Birds with the Beatles haircut sing "She loves You" for female birds that swoon for the 4 birds in the wind... Category : Publications and Media Agency : Ldv & Partners

Mtv - TV Advertisement - Argentina (2003)

A young man with short hair enters a hairdresser. The latter picks up the wicks of the previous customer and makes the young a hairstyle at the forefront of fashion as he has seen on MTV. Category : Publications and Media Agency : Mtv Latin America

Bud Light - TV Advertisement - United States (2003)

Two buddies buy beers for a party. One of them wants to go to the hairdresser but he does not have enough money. He sees the publicity of a dog barber and when he arrives at the party, he has a poodle cup. Sitting in a couch, he talks to a girl while a dog gets excited on his leg. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : DDB (Chicago)

Jc - jeans & clothes - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2002)

A guy with a hat cries, sad. He walks down the street, takes the bus. He goes past a shop and looks at a ballet brush in the window. He finds buddies who all have a crested hairstyle. He takes off his bonnet, he's got a ridge the wrong way. Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : Forsman & Bodenfors

Golden hair - TV Advertisement - Switzerland (2002)

A woman goes to the bathroom of a restaurant to remake herself a beauty. She decides to arrange her hairstyle and comes out of her bag a spray of hairspray that sticks her hair in the mirror... Meanwhile, her friend is waiting for her. The restaurant is about to close when it reappears with the hair glued to the mirror that it has lifted from the wall. Category : Cosmetics and Beauty Agency : Advico / Young & Rubicam (Zurich)