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Mobil - TV Advertisement - France (1970's)

70s. A mechanic (Henri Guybet) repairs a car, next to a man in a suit (Coluche) asks him a lot of questions about engine oil, it is heavy and sticky. The mechanic, exasperated, tends to him MobilOil oil and tells him that it is the best. Category : Services automobiles Agency : Ted Bates

National Geographic Channel - TV Advertisement - Australia (2007)

A man does his daily chores with some kind of handicap: he seems to have a too heavy head. Fall: In fact it looks elongated the National Geographic channel. Category : Publications and Media Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi (Sydney)

Budweiser - TV Advertisement - United States (2003)

At the office, around the photocopier, an employee tries to flirt with a colleague with a good physique. He tells him that last night was hot and humid and that he did not close the eye of the night. She replies that she slept like a baby, that she has a fan and that she sleeps naked. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : DDB (Chicago)

Arla - TV Advertisement - Denmark (2002)

Young man comes out of his house in thrusting full of objects in his pockets, so much that he is obliged to hold him with his free hand, the other carrying a mini dog. Greet another young man with the little free finger. Drinks a stroke of milk, inevitably trousers falls to his feet. Category : Dairy products Agency : Forsman & Bodenfors

Sécurité routière - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2001)

Woman reporter talks about a big problem: heavy foot disease. People with this disease have such a heavy foot that it hangs behind them. This disease can cause car crashes. Category : Major causes Agency : Duval Guillaume (Brussels)