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Collective du lait - TV Advertisement - United States (2009)

White gold, a moustached and hairy hero in an ultra kitsch white and gold outfit, in his immaculate white décor, tries to define us what white gold is: a kiss of women, a threading of shoes, a scraping of guitar strings, a burst of laughter between Greluches, a shrill Category : Dairy products Agency : Goodby Silverstein & Partners (San Francisco)

Ilta Sanomat - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2000)

A couple spiced up their sex life by engaging in role-playing. The woman is in languidly lingerie lying on the bed, while the man disguised as Batman is about to jump from the top of the wardrobe: he breaks it and falls in it.Plan on a daily press with the following one: ' Summit cancelled? The minister is breaking his ankle. Category : Press Agency : Efti

Merrill lynch - TV Advertisement - United States (1999)

In the rain, a woman with a baby in her arms tries in vain to find a taxi in the New York traffic. A taxi stops and a man goes down to give him his place... Category : Banks and insurance Agency : JWT (New York)