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Tixi - TV Advertisement - Switzerland (2007)

Country Road, a car stops to take a pretty cardboard hitchhiker. In reality, a wheelchair/handicapped man hides behind. The car leaves the man alone, by the roadside. Category : Miscellaneous Services Agency : Ruf lanz

Volkswagen - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2001)

Guy Hitchhikes to Penzance. Driver of a Volkswagen Bora takes it but also has other hitchhikers that go in completely different directions. Driver just happy to drive his new car. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : DDB Réseau

T.A.B - TV Advertisement - New Zealand (1999)

Two priests hitchhike. A fan bus takes them. At the destination, the two men thank the fans and decide to go and have a beer. False Priest Trail, he removes their coat and we see that they wore the sweater of their team upside down so as not to be noticed. Angry, the guys on the bus chase them because supporters of the opposing team.New Zealand Betting Agency Category : Gambling Agency : The Bates Palace

Land Rover - TV Advertisement - South Africa (1999)

A man is planted in the middle of nowhere to hitchhike. It is a few meters from a road but it turns its back... Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : TBWA / Hunt Lascaris