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Canal Digital - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2015)

Night. Detached house. Husband looks out the window and sees a man in his garden watching him. This man has all of a psychopath with a chainsaw in his hand. The husband warns his wife that he goes outside to ask the man for help for his garden. Naïve, stupid. Humor. Category : Publications and Media Agency : TBWA

At&t - TV Advertisement - United States (2018)

An airliner is preparing to take off when a young woman tries to catch up with him by being on the stairs that give access to the plane. The pilots stop the device and it rushes inside. She grabs the speakerphone handset and addresses her lover who sits among the travelers. Moment of romance as we can see in the cinema. The two lovers leave together by car but when the man asks how she did to pass security and reach the plane... Suspense then big surprise: The young woman turns into a zombie. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : BBDO

Chupa Chups - TV Advertisement - Germany (2002)

In a filthy cinema. A girl watches the horror movie with a lollipop in her mouth. A Chucky-like doll comes in her back, screams and the doll bites her lollipop. In fact it was a guy behind who used the puppet to prick the lollipop. Category : Confectionery and chocolate Agency : Spektakular