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Treca - TV Advertisement - France (1994)

In museum, a night watchman monitors the master paintings via control screens. At the time when, on his radio, an info bulletin announces a wave of unexplained burglaries, small Tréca labels come to sway in the screens. Asleep The man, flew the paintings. Hypnosis. Category : Landscaping the House Agency : Euro RSCG

Le Monde - TV Advertisement - France (2009)

The world seen from different angles, but always in a round way: a terrestrial globe seen from space, part of €0.10 seen by Bernadette Chirac, hypnotic target seen by sects, handcuff seen by Madoff. Packshot. "The magazine to see the world better"Note: VoiceOver by Ariel Wizman20420_068: International Version Category : Press Agency : Publicis Conseil

Bud Light - TV Advertisement - United States (2003)

At a party, a guy gets hypnotized. When he wakes up, he becomes a dog and acts like one. He finds his head in the bowl of chips, lappinging the water from the toilet and head to the window of the car, the tongue hanging. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : DDB (Chicago)