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Radio Euskadi - TV Advertisement - Spain (2013)

The movie shows Barack Obama in full speech when a typo indicates that the information is better with music. We then find the images of Barack Obama addressing the crowd with a musical background that gives another dimension to the information. Category : Radio Agency : Dimension (Madrid)

Doritos - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1997)

A fixed plan on the face of Audrey Hepburn whose image is diverted to paste the mouth of another who chews elegantly... Category : Food Agency : Leo Burnett

Directv - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

Excerpt from the film "Airplane" ("Is there a pilot in the airplane"). Leslie Nielsen interrupts the scene he plays in the cockpit to address the camera and praise the merits of the pay-per-view. Category : Television Agency : Deutsch (Los Angeles)

Directv - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

From the movie "Karate Kid". The characters interrupt the action of the film to turn to the camera and brag about the merits of the pay-per-view. Category : Television Agency : Deutsch (Los Angeles)

W Radio - TV Advertisement - Mexico (2003)

A hijacking of images that shows a microphone approaching George W. Bush While his speech is replaced by sounds of automatic weapons. Category : Radio Agency : Betancourt Beker Euro RSCG

Alcatel - TV Advertisement - United States (2002)

(Cannes 2002). In Washington, on the steps of Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King delivers his most famous speech that begins with "I have a Dream"... facing him, not a person... a voice off explains that before you can touch the world, you must be able to be connected... Back on Martin Luther King facing a human tide that listens to his words. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Arnold Worldwide