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Meetic - TV Advertisement - France (2014)

Scenes where a man and a woman meet and discover each other. Each scene is played twice, the opportunity to discover the point of view of one and the other. While one always thinks to put forward an imperfection, the other sees it as an asset. Whether it is a man who comes running because he is always late while she thinks he is in a hurry to meet her or a woman who thinks she is too small while the man finds that all that is small is cute, our imperfections have Something cute. Category : Sites internet Agency : Buzzman

Channel 4 - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2018)

Pastries (cake, cookies, cake, cakes, pastries) shaped hedgehogs, Barbie, swans, rabbits, or even wedding cakes, accept their imperfections by humming the song "Beautiful" by Christian Aguilera. Category : Television Agency : 4Creative