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Seattle sonics - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

In the gymnasium of a school a team of kids face the Seattle SuperSonics in a basketball game. The game is very unbalanced, children do anything, or play very poorly. The children's coach keeps her serious. Typo: "The matches are better at the Key Arena". Preview Ambiance Key Arena. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Sport Agency : Wongdoody

Caritas - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2003)

A succession of babies who have just been born. They all wear bracelets on their wrists with their name but one of them wears their bracelets like handcuffs... Category : Major causes Agency : Duval Guillaume (Brussels)

McDonald's - TV Advertisement - United States (2000)

Little girl shares fries with her little brother. Category : Restoration Agency : Backyard Burrell Advert

Interflora - TV Advertisement - Denmark (2001)

A family is at the table. The mother serves meat dumplings. She gives one to her husband, one to her first son, and arrives to his other son (or friend of his son?) it gives all the remaining ones, it does not stop anymore. Typo: "The power of Flowers".CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Large distribution Agency : Bullet Productions