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Joker - TV Advertisement - France (2002)

Associated agency: ALICE. Parody pubs for canine feeding. Arriving on the beach, woman opens car trunk, comes out her man, torso naked, muscular, beige Bermuda shorts, tousled long hair. Woman throws him a tennis ball, man runs after pulling the tongue like dogs, looking for it in the water, reports it to his wife/mistress, drinks Joker and takes woman in arms. VoiceOver talks about the benefits of the vitamins contained in the Joker to have a man in great shape. Packshot. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Lowe

Der Spiegel - TV Advertisement - Germany (1989)

Doubles of politicians singing the famous song of the Beach Boys "Barbara Ann" by making only blah blah. Margaret Thatcher, François Mitterand, Gorbachev, Nixon, and others. Of the marionettes style of the info representing the greats of this world. Category : Press Agency : Springer & Jacoby

Joker - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (2001)

At the zoo, dude approaches Lama and chew together. Dude goes down to read sign and Lama spits over him. Lucky shot Category : Gambling Agency : DDB Réseau

Swisscom - TV Advertisement - Switzerland (2000)

King-Kong holds in his paw a young girl disguised as a joker with her red hat with bells... The girl empties into the emptiness to land in the gutter on a sheet that serves her as a boat, a dog barks on it when the leaf is Driven to the sewers... The girl ends up in a spa that turns into a vase on a roulette table pushed by a butler... the girl is then sitting on a chair, she picks up a phone... Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Advico / Young & Rubicam