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Hornbach - TV Advertisement - Germany (2004)

Woman's quarantine grows and takes care of her garden. Gros Beauf (husband?) does not care and throws his cigarette in the small pond, despite the pleasing look of his wife. Provocation. Sperm whale/killer whale leaps out of the water and crunches the head of the bastard. Wig floats to the surface. Nana has smile of satisfaction. Category : DIY and gardening

Mike's Hard Lemonade - TV Advertisement - United States (2002)

In a water park, 2 cleaning agents clean the surrounding area of the pond where the Orcs are... one of the agents picks up a fish that it tends to above the basin when an orc comes to catch the fish by ripping off the poor guy's arm... as if nothing was , his colleague is admiring the tour and invites the crippled man to come and drink a lemonade... at the bar, the bartender slides the glass over the counter but the guy with an arm less lets pass the drink that will crash... Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Cliff Freeman & Partners (New York)