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Champion - TV Advertisement - France (2006)

In a supermarket a man weighs the vegetables he wants to buy. The machine gives an abnormally small price in his eyes. He thinks the machine is broken. His wife arrives and sticks the label on the bag, not surprised at the small price. Category : Large distribution Agency : Compagnie 360 Euro RSCG

Libra - TV Advertisement - Australia (2010)

A man discovers the fascinating world of sanitary towels. Plays with, makes a costume of Saint Sankar... until his girlfriend arrives with the beautiful parents. Category : Toiletries Agency : CLEMENGER BBDO, MELBOURNE

Latt&lagom - TV Advertisement - Sweden (1999)

Man rides on balance/scales installed in a locker room. Not happy with the weight indicated, uses various tricks/cheats to deceive the balance: expels all its air, leans on a shelf, lifts a foot... "Time for a new habit?" Category : Food Agency : BBDO Allanson Nilson Rififi