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Finnmatkat - TV Advertisement - Finland (1996)

Parody advertising detergent. Housewife extends linen in garden. Done voluntarily tasks on linen, as for classic product demo. Talks frantically, gets angry more and more. can open liquid laundry, drink at the neck, suicide. Typo: "Take a vacation before it's too late." Logo. Category : Tourism Agency : Hasan & Partners

AHDPA - TV Advertisement - Portugal (2018)

AHDPA. Post-it is glued to the walls to say close the door and the faucet. An old man wakes up and leaves his wife in bed. He puts on his robe, lays the table, puts candles on a birthday cake, takes his coffee. He enters a dressing room, chooses a dress, opens a magazine and settles in front of the mirror of a hairdresser. He wears makeup, puts red on his mouth, mascara on his eyes, blush on his cheeks. He looks at the black and white photo of a young woman. He makes up his wife who has clothed the dress he chose as he exercised over himself beforehand. He kisses her and takes her to the living room where their children and grandchildren are sitting. He forgot to remove his makeup, which makes everyone laugh. His wife has Alzheimer's disease. Category : Health Agency : Havas Lisbonne

Cleanit - TV Advertisement - Russia (1999)

A voice off explains that a small trace of lipstick can cause a more important skin problem... we see a picture of Bill Clinton with a brand of kiss on the cheek and the picture after, it's a black eye that he has... Category : Cosmetics and Beauty Agency : 180

Revlon - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

Actress Julianne Moore is in a library when she is surprised by a paparazzi who takes her picture. She then takes a taxi to get to a photo shoot. Category : Cosmetics and Beauty Agency : Deutsch (New York)

Revlon - TV Advertisement - United States (2004)

Actress Halle Berry is awakened by a phone call. She rises and opens the curtains to see the paparazzi that take her in pictures. She takes a shower, wears gloves, grabs her lipstick tube and goes to a photo shoot. Category : Cosmetics and Beauty Agency : Deutsch (New York)