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Ubisoft - TV Advertisement - France (2012)

Different scenes where the action seems frozen while zombies attack the Londoners because a devastating virus has seized the English capital. Only those who survive long enough will be able to try to save the city. Category : Games and toys Agency : Ubisoft (Montpellier)

Eurostar - TV Advertisement - France (2011)

On a train, three people (Michel Gondry, Arno and Jarvis spaniel) brainstorm about how they imagine the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012. We see their heads in a 3d world with a stadium, flags, the Olympic flame... The elements are built according to the suggestions of the three artists. Category : Transport Agency : Leg

Nike - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2002)

Illustration of the existential question: Who of the egg or hen arrived first. On funny speed music, a meat stand chicken makes the run with an egg in the streets of London. Delusional. Jostle people and pigeons. Frantic race. Egg arrives first to finish, cheats because little chick head comes out of shell and stretches the neck. Runlondon. Category : Sport