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Gatorade - TV Advertisement - Argentina (2010)

A lousy football player wanted to be a magician. We see him on stage doing ridiculous magic tricks like throwing a fake bird of the hat on a client's table. Start cutting a box with a saw where a woman is inside and stops cutting to not hurt her. He's as bad at football as he is in magic. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : BBDO (Buenos aires)

Puffet - TV Advertisement - Finland (2000)

In a kitchen, the whole family is gathered to witness a magic trick of the father. The latter between enturés of two vulgar women. He pulls out a glass of the freezer, opens it, lays it on the table, takes mustard, in place on the ice but in fat no it was on a sausage hidden by the ice. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Food Agency : Hasan & Partners

Collective du lait - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (1999)

In a gloomy atmosphere, you see an illusionist and his assistant at a show where the numbers miss one after the other. We then find them in a café drinking a glass of milk. The magician slams his fingers to ask for the addition: the server disappears in a smoke screen. He then covers the shoulders of his assistant with his coat, she also disappears... Category : Dairy products Agency : Schaeffer Wunsch